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Tues palace of versailles


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Tues palace of versailles

  1. 1. Bellringer 1. Describe your dream house. (what color, how many rooms, special things, what city?, what part of the city?, etc)
  2. 2. Sultan of Brunei • 7000+ cars!
  3. 3. Absolutism How would “Divine Right” give monarchs absolute control? Examples from our society?
  4. 4. King Louis XIV (14th • France ) • 1638-1715 • “Sun King” • Catholic • “I am the State”
  5. 5. King Louis XIV In 1664, the King wanted to show that his country was the greatest country in Europe, but he was also concerned that many of his “friends” in his Paris palace were conspiring against him. He needed to build a new palace, where should he build it and what should he put in it? (no cars, tv or computers yet)
  6. 6. Palace of Versailles
  7. 7. Palace of Versailles
  8. 8. Versailles
  9. 9. Versailles • $2billion to build • 36,000 construction workers • 6,000 horses lived there • 2,000 rooms • 1,400 fountains • 15,000 acres of gardens • Video clip
  10. 10. ½ sheet 1. 3 ways King Louis XIV’s house is different from your house 2. 3 ways you could incorporate the architecture Palace of Versailles into your future house 3. What is more important to you, having a house with many rooms, or better items in your house? explain