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Minimum wage tues042614


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Minimum wage tues042614

  1. 1. Bellringer (half sheet) Today’s objective: Students will identify direct and indirect effects of price floors as related to minimum wage. Think back to your letter to Congressman Grijalva.. 1. Are you for or for or against raising minimum wage? 2. How might 3 different people be affected by raising minimum wage (positively or negatively)? 04/29/1 4
  2. 2. Price Floor – Minimum Wage GraphFor Unskilled Labor Market Subway $21/hr $15/hr $11/hr $7/hr $5/hr
  3. 3. Voting for or against an increase Based off of this chart answer the two questions below. 1. What has the trend been for the last several years? 2. In what year was the minimum wage the highest?
  4. 4. Voting for or against an increase Discuss with a partner based upon what you see in the chart… 3. Is an increase in the minimum wage justified? Explain. 4. How would you vote if you were a Senator?
  5. 5. Closure In at least three sentences, how might minimum wage affect you now or in the future?