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Fri papal response to luther


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Fri papal response to luther

  1. 1. Bellringer 1. In your opinion, who is the best president or political leader in history? 2. What might make a person not like your leader from #1?
  2. 2. Renaissance & Reformation • Happened at the same time • Put the following terms into the Venn Diagram • Catholic Church Protestants • Martin Luther Germany • Michelangelo Printing Press • Sistine Chapel Medici Family • Florence indulgences • Sculpture perspective • Contrast Lutherans
  3. 3. Pope Leo X 1475-1521 • Real name: Giovanni Medici • Patron of Renaissance • Founded universities • Excommunicated Martin Luther Portrait by Rafael Sanzio 1519
  4. 4. With your partner Which group do you think drew this picture of the pope from the 1500’s? Support with two parts of the drawing
  5. 5. Pope Leo X I will crush anyone who disagrees with me! • Sold indulgences to build cathedrals • Used his army to fight non-Catholics • Had too much power in Europe
  6. 6. Make a fold out of Martin Luther • Pages 391-393 • Outside show Luther from a Catholic perspective • Inside from a Protestant perspective • Needs to include: • Quote • 2 accomplishments • 1 message to the other side about Martin Luther