Fri obama stimulus


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Fri obama stimulus

  1. 1. Paragraph Quiz 1. President Obama was elected in 2008. How do you think he has done as president? Compare him to another president in your answer
  2. 2. Where was Obama born? • Video clip
  3. 3. Economic vocabulary • Stimulus • Increased fiscal spending (usually during recession) • Deficit spending • When government spends more than they collect in taxation • Austerity • Decreased fiscal spending to decrease debt
  4. 4. TIME Magazine article 1. What is the author’s economic perspective and why? 2. Graph AD/SRAS paragraph #2 3. Besides the White House who keeps track of our economy? 4. Graph AD/SRAS paragraph #4 5. Graph AD/LRAS paragraph #4 6. Since the US GDP grew by over 2% last quarter, what do you think the President should propose as economic policy in his final 2 years? 7. Has learning macroeconomics changed your political philosophies at all? Explain.