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Fri food day


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Fri food day

  1. 1. Bellringer Identify the changes to the tomato market by drawing the graph and identifying the part of TRIBE or PEST that changed. 1. Pesticides are outlawed in the United States 2. People in US try to eat healthier and eat more salads 3. US signs a free-trade deal with India
  2. 2. Food price change • Macro world: inflation • Micro world: supply & demand, investment ideas? • http://www.usatoday.c om/story/money/busin ess/2014/03/18/food- prices-rising/6557417/
  3. 3. PEST Changes Assignment 1. For each part of PEST, identify one positive and negative change to the car or computer market and sketch a correctly drawn graph 2. Find an article either on your phone or in a financial magazine, write the headline, the market, part of PEST that is changing and graph it.
  4. 4. On a separate sheet of paper Graphically sketch the changes to the demand curve, 1 curve won’t change Identify the part of TRIBE Label your graphs 1. Unemployment rises (steak) 2. New residents move to Arizona (houses) 3. The price of buns increases (hot dogs) 4. The internet gets more expensive (itunes mp3’s) 5. Unemployment rises (Canned Ham (SPAM)) 6. You go to college (text books) 7. Average wage rises 10% (Hawaiian vacations) 8. Stock market increases in value (used clothing) 9. The price of meat increases (A1 steak sauce) 10. Eegees releases a brand new flavor (slushies) 11. Gas prices increase to $6.50/gallon (bicycles) 12. Xbox360 games get cheaper (Xbox360 games) 13. Dept of Labor reports college grads earn more $$ (college degrees) 14. You read an article that gas prices will triple next month (gas) 15. Make up your own example and show demand shift $ Q