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Econ questions from students


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Econ questions from students

  1. 1. 1st Hour Student: Question: Marina Padilla Are politics involved in the economy? Dominic Lopez Where will the economy be in 20 years? Jennifer Valencia How do you know when the economy is doing bad? Marco Quintero Why does the stock market crash? Or why do the prices of stocks change? Eric Moreno What is better saving money in a bank or investing in a business? Ricky Martinez Why is everything so expensive? Alicia Martinez Is anything really free? Christian Medina How much has the value of $1 decreased? Mark Martinez Should I buy a house right now? Alfonso Gutierrez How does the economy affect us? Nereida Gonzalez What is something we will learn that will adapt to the real world? Jessica Franco How does Tucson’s economy affect other cities? Chantelle Contreras Will South Tucson’s economy ever recover? Joel Valenzuela What is the biggest concept we will learn this semester? Cassy Valenzuela What is Obama doing to improve our economy? Angelita Skinner Will there ever be another Great Depression? Joey Caicedo Which country does the US government owe the most money to? Daniel Aviela How much money does the US government owe to China’s government? Julieta Valenzuela How does the economy become unstable? Carlos Rivera Is the economy stable right now? Yvette Arias Is each state’s economy different? Matt Arriaga Will the minimum wage increase? Ferny Grijalva Why does the US government spend money it doesn’t have? Marco Garcia Who created the US economy? Cameron Castillo Does every country have its own economy? Maribel Montoya What subjects will we learn about this semester? Marco Lopez What states are going bankrupt? Kimberly Fout Why the economy is messed up? 4th Hour Student: Question: Denise Quintero Does rising gas prices help or hurt the economy? Jose Rojo Why does the economy change so much? Albert Ahumada When will the US government get out of debt? Roddy Ruiz Why are taxes so high? Lynnette Vaca When will the economy get worse? Isaiah Simpson When will gas prices decrease? Raul Soto What will the next president do for our economy? Emorie Daniel Is the US economy better or worse than other economy? Genessis Simental Is Obama doing well with the economy? Josue Segura Who was the best president for the economy? Dante Salazar Will the US economy experience another depression? Jorge Ruiz Why does it cost money to attend a private school? Saul Melendez Why do the food prices change? Aileen Ruiz How does the economy work? Junue Ramirez Why are food prices different in different parts of the world? Mercedes Espino What are the homework assignments going to be like? Yuquie Escobedo Why do we pay taxes?
  2. 2. Ivan Cota Does opening new businesses help the economy? Fernando Duarte Where does our tax money go to? Brianna Garcia How does the government affect the poor and the rich? Eric Vasquez How much do the Yankees make in ticket sales each season? Jose Pechardo How much debt is the US government in? Michelle Fierro Why is economics an important subject? Ricardo Chavez Why do different countries have different taxes? Iram Cota Why do some items get taxes more than others? Oscar Acuna Why does the government tax tobacco more than other items? Rosa Valencia Why do some items cost much more than others? 5th Hour Student: Question: Veronica Saucedo Why are some hotels more expensive than others? Angel Rivas What is the total US debt? Lupita Trujillo Why are gas prices different in different parts of the country? Vanessa Reyes Why are gas prices more expansive today than in the past? Aericka Vargas Why does the government spend money on streets instead of schools? Carlos Yerena Why does the government make poor economic choices? Nicole Valenzuela Why can’t the government print more money? Kassy Gonzalez Why is Klein the only economics teacher? Stefanie Soto Why do we have to pay taxes? Isela Celaya Why are funerals so expensive? Miguel Barba Why do you have to be 21 to drink in the United States? Steven West Why is Walmart cheaper than other stores? Audrina Zazueta Why do you have to be 21 to gamble in the United States? Jessica Granillos Why is popcorn and snacks more expensive at the movies? Tomas Estrada Why do successful entertainers get paid more than military members? Veronica Mamake Why are there taxes on some items but not others? Jorden Zang What happened to the economy in 2008? Jesus Valenzuela How do international transactions happen? Jasmine Salomon Why are low income families low income? Frank Aguirre Why do movie theater prices increase? Maura Puentes Why are braces so expensive? Daniel Garcia Why are shoes made in “sweatshops”? Sangita Modak How do banks make their money? 7th Hour Student: Question: Sonia Dominguez Why doesn’t Obama help the homeless people? Chris Singh What is the US Dollar backed up by? Isaiah Clayton How fast can stocks change their value in a day? Zach Lewis How much money is being invested in the automotive industry? Christian Garcia Why are food prices increasing? Jorge Quiroz Why is it more expensive to live in California than in Arizona? Leo Valenzuela Why are different currencies different values? Paloma Matty Why are gas prices increasing? Adriana Barajas Why is the economy different in other states? Peter Gonzales How or who invented “economics”? Brianna Sanchez Why do some cities not want Walmarts? Luke Girga What might cause the economy to crash?
  3. 3. Isreal Corte Why is China’s economy growing faster than the US economy? Jesse Leon What would have been a better strategy to get out of the Great Depression? Yesenia Bernal How do we measure the economy? Katrina Ramirez How can our economy be improved? Angelica Bernal Why do have to study economy? Joshua Lopez Why does the US go into more debt? Martin Chavez What is so important about the economy? Edgar Montijo Why is the Arizona school budget so low? Francisco Hernandez What is the economy? Yamileth Moreno Will the price of gas ever decrease? Josh Alvarado Is economics more important than government? Jessica Majuta Why is the modern economy different than the past? Kelsey Garza How does the economy affect the price of goods?