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Day 7 reconstuction


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Day 7 reconstuction

  1. 1. Assignment #1 Read the historical fiction from 1870 1. What are 3 differences to the world the article mentions? 2. How would your life have changed if the South would have won the war? 3. Based on the changes in technology, do you think the South would have abolished slavery on its own without the Civil War? 4. Do you agree with the conclusion at the end of the article? Explain
  2. 2. Civil War pretest ½ sheet of paper Don’t use your book or ask any of the junior historians, if you don’t know its ok 1. When was the US Civil War? 2. What were two names for each side of the US Civil War? 3. Which side won? 4. How was the US Civil War viewed in Europe? 5. Name two important generals and their side 6. Describe as many important battles as you can from the war. Start Project @ 12 noon Project due Thurs
  3. 3. Agree right Armies should use whatever means necessary to win wars Disagree left
  4. 4. Agree right Armies should never attack civilians during wars Disagree left
  5. 5. Agree right Armies try their best to not destroy property of civilians Disagree left
  6. 6. Agree right People who lose property during wars should get $$$ from the winning side Disagree left
  7. 7. Agree right Veterans of the Union and Confederate armies should get pensions Disagree left
  8. 8. Agree right Slaves should get money after being released, even if it comes from Northern taxpayers Disagree left
  9. 9. Today: How the war ends and how to move on as a country Historical time: Reconstruction
  10. 10. (Gen.) Sherman’s March to the Sea Why this strategy? “scorched Earth” Looting homes and burning cities Atlanta Nov.
  11. 11. Appomattox, Virginia • April 26, 1865
  12. 12. Appomattox, Virginia • April 26, 1865
  13. 13. End of the Civil War • Sherman’s March, page 347 • Page 348, Appomattox Courthouse • More deaths? • 13th Amendment • Arlington National Cemetery
  14. 14. Abraham Lincoln • Reelected in 1864 • Unpopular with Irish • John Wilkes Booth • US marshals chase Booth • Jefferson Davis
  15. 15. Also • The plan was to kill Lincoln, VP Johnson & Secretary of State Seward • Comedy central version
  16. 16. Appomattox, Virginia • April 26, 1865
  17. 17. Questions for back of cartoon 1. Was the Civil War a “good war”? 2. Were the Union troops “the good guys”? Give at least two historical reasons 3. What role should the rebel flag play in our modern society? (Banned, used in history class, used in South?) 4. Why do you think many historians consider Abe Lincoln to be one of the best presidents?
  18. 18. Next Assignment: Put the “Reconstruction” Amendments in your notes Amendments 13, 14, & 15 1. Page 372, why was the Emancipation Proclamation huge for the Union war effort? 2. If you were a free black person living in Boston at the time would you have joined the Union army? Explain 3. For each amendment summarize what it does 4. Small picture 5. Historical background, chapter 12 6. Why does it help you today?
  19. 19. 13th Amendment • Abolishes slavery in the United States!! • “Juneteenth” -- June 19, 2010
  20. 20. Next Reconstruction assignment One paper per group 1. Besides protecting the country, why do people join the US military? 2. What are some positive things about being in the military? 3. What are some negative things about being in the military? 4. What does it mean if something is “questionable”. Give 1 example
  21. 21. 2008 Election
  22. 22. President Ulysses S. Grant • 1869-1877 • Republican • Civil War hero
  23. 23. Group Assignment 1. Which 2 wars produced the most US presidents? 2. Which two presidents had the longest military careers? 3. Which presidents lacked military experience? 4. Which presidents have questionable military experience? Explain why. 5. Two potential benefits about presidents with military experience 6. Two potential issues that might come up with presidents with military experience 7. How was the South politically organized in 1867? 8. What did President Grant do with the KKK? 9. Why is U. S. Grant considered one of the worst presidents? 10. Does your group feel that a presidential candidate needs to have military experience in order to be successful?
  24. 24. Next Assignment 1. At least two reasons Ole Miss should ditch this mascot. His name is “Colonel Reb” 2. One argument to keep him Need 2 public speakers for tmw Star wars clip
  25. 25. Southern Problem
  26. 26. Southern Problem Read the article # 3 What is happening to confederate images all over the South? Give 2 examples # 4 Why might some people want to keep those images? #5 Why might some people want rename the parks in the South? Skim Chapter 12 #6 Who were the scalawags and carpetbaggers, why were they helpful to the South, why hurtful. #7 Why might some people view the Freedman’s Bureau as a long run failure? #8 Why do you think freed slaves didn’t get any land or property? #9 Compare and contrast slavery with sharecropping. #10 How did Reconstruction end? (Corrupt Bargain) #11 In order to pay for the expensive war, Congress passed the first income taxes, how do you think people in the North felt about this?
  27. 27. Civil War Projects • Subjects: • Advancements in Technology • Famous Generals • Military Life & Medicine • War in the South – Economics • Blacks and Female Experience • Textbook, or additional sources cite page numbers, MLA if you use non-textbook source • Your Choice: • 5 paragraph essay • Board game • 5 letters home from soldiers • Youtube puppet show • 8-12 page comic book 5 bonus pt in class assignment presentation