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10 countries comparison

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10 countries comparison

  1. 1. Full Sheet of paper today 1. Recessions cause which type of unemployment? 2. After college if you don’t have a job, you will be experiencing which type of unemployment. 3. The late 90’s are called the “Lost Decade” in Japan, why do you think they call it that?
  2. 2. The Economist indicators 2013 4. Which 3 countries are in a recession? explain 5. Which 3 countries have problems with inflation? explain 6. Which 5 countries have rapidly growing economies? Explain 7. Which 3 countries would be safe places to invest? Explain 8. Which 3 countries have problems with unemployment? explain 9. Which 2 countries do you think will grow in the future? Explain 10. Which 3 are net importers? explain
  3. 3. Unemployment types Assignment 1. Divide your paper into fourths 2. Draw a picture or comic to show the four types of unemployment 3. On the back of the paper, write a few sentences on how you will guard yourself against each type of unemployment • Quantitative easing: find an article on one of the unemployment types, cite it and summarize its findings.
  4. 4. 1. GDP Assignment(It’s the part Which part of the GDP formula is the largest? you are the most involved in) 2. How many recessions has Argentina had since 1900? 3. When was their worst one? 4. Why are recessions good for selling inferior goods? 5. Calculate US GDP 2010 Consumers: $12 trillion Investment: $1.45 trillion Government: $2 trillion Exports: $1 trillion Imports: $2.05 trillion 7. Describe US Trade (net….?)