Business Aspects of the IoT: Making Products Smart


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Business Aspects of the IoT: Making Products Smart

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  • Currentdevelopments in embeddedsystems in domainssuch as home appliances, sensor net, or simple everydayobjectbeingtaggedwith RFID:Show thatthey are gettingincreasinglysmarter and connectedwhichlead to a very large ecosystem of smart thingsLet us think of an electronic article surveillance system in a store thatwouldleveragethiseco-system: tag objectswith RFID trigger the RFID readerswith a proximitysensor trigger the security camera if somethingwasstolenbroadcast the information to the staff on their mobile phones
  • This leads to a problemresearched by many, showing:ToomuchprotocolsheterogeneityExpensive and time-consumingexpertknowledgeRequirements for application layer for the IoT
  • Four layers but: Not OSI:layers are flexible, eacheases a little more building applications: from Embedded Syst. Dev to End-UsersContribution: LayersBuilding blocks: each block is a Web APIApplications testingthese blocks
  • Resource Tree:functionality of the sun spot identified by resolvableURIsNot bound to one representation. We use HTML for browsability, JSON for mashups, HTTP has a content-negotiationmechanism for selecting the right representation.GET on temperature => retrieves the representation of the tempsensorPUT on LED => changes the state of the LED (on/off)
  • Withthis layer wewant to achievetwothings:MakethingsfindableusingsearchenginesAllow the semi-automaticintegrationintomashuptoolsGuinard, D., Trifa, V., Mattern, F., & Wilde, E. (2011). From the Internet of Things to the Web of Things: Resource-oriented Architecture and Best Practices. In D. Uckelmann, M. Harrison, & F. Michahelles (Eds.), Architecting the Internet of Things (pp. 97-129). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Retrieved from
  • Smart things are securedbased on HTTP Basic AccessAuthentication or HTTP DigestAuthenticationAuthenticationthroughOauthUsing the social network API (OpenSocial if supported, otherwise social network proprietary API)
  • List of resources (i.e., services) thatcanbesharedisautomaticallygenerated by crawling (see sharing layer)
  • Manualmashupdev:Wetake a device on whichappscanbedeveloped by domainspecialists and, using the otherlayers, bringit to Web developers
  • We provide a Web page that loads the real-world data into global variables, developers then just have to create widgets by combining this data with services on the Web.
  • Bringingdevelopment as close as possible to endusersWecreated a frameworkthatallows the creation of dedicatedmashup editorsi.e., Web toolthat let usersbuildmashupssimply by visuallycomposingwidgetsThanks to the otherlayerseachwidgetisreduced to an HTTP call and canevenbeautomaticallygenerated.This is the EAS mashup.
  • Yes you could start with serving up generic information on nutrition, or recipes or product history/provenance to help aid initial purchase in storeBut in fact what you’re doing iscreating a unique relationship between a product and a consumer. How? By encouraging consumers to take digital possession of their product by identifying themselves – through FB etc – in order to link the unique tag on each product to the individual consumerSo when a consumer ‘checks into’ their bottle of olive oil, the product becomes your passport to a world of content, services, experiences based on the lifestyle territory the brand wants to own. For instance:-- Gets you discounts on bookings at Jamie Oliver restaurants-- Suggests nearby cookery classes, and so on.
  • Think of it as a Facebook for Things Where all things have unique identities, which are represented online. This is what we at EVRYTHNG call an Active Digital Identity This allows us to… Attach content to them  To communicate via them  To connect apps and services to themWhich enables things to be part of the real-time social flow of digital conversations which happens around us every day
  • Doing it with these interesting guys
  • Business Aspects of the IoT: Making Products Smart

    1. 1.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardThe Business of Making Products SmartFrom research, to a startup idea and its execution…Dominique GuinardCTO & co-founder @ EVRYTHNG
    2. 2.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardPart I : The research…. []
    3. 3.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardSay Hello to the Internet of Things[]
    4. 4.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardAn Increasing Number of Connected Smart Things…A very large ecosystem of smart things,complex application development
    5. 5.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardNeed for a Common Internet of ThingsApplication Architecture• Applicationdevelopment with smartthings:– Requires expert knowledge:• Hardware/softwareheterogeneity• Lack of common applicationprotocols– WSN [Mot2011]RFID [Sch2008]• Hypothesis: The Web(application archi. of theInternet) can be theapplication architecture ofsmart things as well.• Research Question: «Howcan the Web be leveraged toease the development ofInternet of Thingsapplications and bring itcloser to non-specialists?»[Mot2011] Mottola, L., & Picco, G. P.Programming wireless sensor networks:Fundamental concepts and state of theart. ACM Comput. Surv.[Sch2008] Schmitt, P. Adoption undDiffusion neuer Technologien amBeispiel der Radiofrequenz-Identifikation(RFID). PhD Thesis, ETH Zurich.
    6. 6.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardPart I : the Web of Things research…Simplifying Application Development in the Internetof Things[]
    7. 7.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardWeb of Things Application Architecture
    8. 8.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardDevice Accessibility Layer• How do we make smart things accessible on the Web?• Generic design process[Gui2010] for smart things as Webresources:– REST[Fie2000] and Resource Oriented Architectures[Ric2007][Gui2010] Guinard, D., Trifa, V., Wilde, E.A Resource Oriented Architecture for theWeb of Things. IoT 2010[Ric2007] Richardson, L., & Ruby, S.RESTful web services, O’Reilly Media.[Fie2000] Fielding, R. (2000).Architectural styles and the design ofnetwork-based software architectures.PhD Thesis
    9. 9.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardGETGET, PUTGET, DELETEResourceDesignRepresentationDesignInterfaceDesignImplementationStrategyhttp://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>/genericNodes/temperature/sensors/node1http://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>/genericNodesAll together... For Devices!
    10. 10.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardBooooooooooks!RESTFul Web Services, O’Reilly RESTful WS Cookbook, O’Reilly
    11. 11.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardFindability Layer• Once smart things are accessible on the Web, how do weenable users to find the right service for their application?• Enabling Smart Things to be indexed by search engines(lightweight metadata)[Gui2011]• Local lookup and discovery infrastructure [Gui2010a,May2011][Gui2010a] Guinard, D., et al. (2010).Interacting with the SOA-Based Internetof Things: Discovery, Query, Selection,and On-Demand Provisioning of WebServices. IEEE Transactions on ServicesComputing[May2011] Mayer, S., Guinard, D. AnExtensible Discovery Service for SmartThings. WoT2011[Gui2011] Guinard, D., Trifa, V., Mattern,F., & Wilde, E. From the Internet ofThings to the Web of Things. Architectingthe Internet of Things (pp. 97-129)
    12. 12.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardSharing Layer• Once smart things are accessible and findable on theWeb, how do we share them?• Social Web of Things [Gui2010b][Gui2010b] Guinard, D., Fischer, M., &Trifa, V. Sharing using social networks ina composable web of things. WoT 2010
    13. 13.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardSocial Access Controller (SAC)
    14. 14.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardSharing in Friends and Things
    15. 15.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardComposition Layer• Once smart things are accessible, findable, shareableon the Web, how do we enable their easy compositionby non-specialists, into new applications?• Physical Mashups [Gui2010, Gui2010c][Guinard2010c] Guinard, D. Mashing upyour web-enabled home. ICWE 2010[Gui2010] Guinard, D., Trifa, V., Wilde, E.A Resource Oriented Architecture for theWeb of Things. IoT 2010
    16. 16.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardEnergy-Aware Mashup• Developers:– Smart Meters asan RESTful WebAPI:– Mashup with anylanguagesupporting HTTP• Users:– Used by severalfamilies aroundthe world(Energie Visible)
    17. 17.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardEPC Network in a Nutshell
    18. 18.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard• Developers:– RFID Readers & Data in ablack-board approach– Wizard-based creation ofWidgets– Merging Web data andreal-world RFID data• Users:– Simple Web page providingreal-time businessintelligence– Deployed at the SAP futurestoreEPC Mashups
    19. 19.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardElectronic Article Surveillance[Naef2009] Naef, L. ClickScript avisual programming language in thebrowser. Master Thesis, ETH Zurich[Gui2010d] Guinard, D., Floerkemeier,C., & Sarma, S. Cloud Computing,REST and Mashups to Simplify RFIDApplications, WoT 2011
    20. 20.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardR&D continues on…
    21. 21.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardBooooooooooks!InterconnectingSmart Objects with IPGetting Started with the IoT,O’Reilly Make:OR…
    22. 22.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardPart II : from research to business…[]
    23. 23.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardA Fast Increasing Number of Smart Things…
    24. 24.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardThe world of « dumb » products• Heinz Ketchup:650 m bottles/year• Baileys:82 m bottles/year• Coke:620.5 b servings/year• Hershey Chocolate:525 m bars/year• Mars1 b bars/year in the UKAll kinds of objects will haveintelligence and the ability tocommunicate. P&G shipsbillions of objects per year,imagine them all connected.− Chetan Sharma, leading wireless analyst, 2011
    25. 25.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardYour World is Being Tagged TODAY!
    26. 26.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardUnique identity = unique relationships
    27. 27.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardA Facebook for thingsAn Active Digital Identity profile for every thing.Think of a Facebook for things − individual things with uniquedigital profiles, like we have, to update, share and add to…a Facebook for thingsObjectsTagsEVRYTHNGCloudServicesApplications
    28. 28.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardEVRYTHNG as the IoT Engine• Cloud storage and services for your Active Digital Identities• RESTful API, low-footprint friendly (Arduino and co)• Libraries for: Java, Ruby , ARM Mbed, Arduino– Many more services/APIs coming soon!
    29. 29.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardCase Study: Diageo Father’s Day• Marketing campaign forfather’s day in Brazil– Built on top of theEVRYTHNG Engine– Mobile Web andDesktop apps• ~230’000 whisky bottlestagged with unique QRcodes
    30. 30.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardCase study: Mobile as a Sensor• Thngs are not only products• Find, review and share laptop-friendly workspaces• Rapid development of Webapps without worrying aboutdata storage design &maintenance• 24’000 physical locationsmodeled as ADIs in our engine
    31. 31.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardCase study: Mbed by ARM• Development boardsfor fast, flexible andlow-risk professionalrapid prototyping.• Collaboration withARM to createEVRYTHNG-readymbed devices withADI auto-provisioning (self-registering consumerelectronics)
    32. 32.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardWired on coffee!
    33. 33.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardBooooooooooks!Industrial Internet:O’Reilly Radar (FREE!)OR…
    34. 34.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardPart III : … the execution! []
    35. 35.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardEVRYTHNG Founders: Savory Mix!Niall Murphy, CEODom Guinard, CTOVlad Trifa, CPOAndy Hobsbawm, CMO
    36. 36.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardEVRYTHNG Facts• 3 locations, 17 people:– Zurich: Dev team: 5 developers, CPO, CTO– London: Business development: CEO, CMO, COO, sales,advisors– Los Angeles: sales• Financially backed by Atomico Venture (fund of ex-Sykpe founders)
    37. 37.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardDevelopment Methodology: SCRUM• Standups: 20 mins / day• Planning sessions:– 1, 2 days– Poker• Sprints: 2 weeks• Retrospectives• x Product Owner, x Scrum Masters• Very flat hierarchy of devs!• Definition of done• Minimal documentation
    38. 38.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardSCRUM: Challenges• BIG (non-IT) clients don’t accept it:– Big spec / documentations required upfront (SOW)– Don’t trust the « sprint system »– Works well for non-bespoke apps?• Difficult to integrate the « business » team to theprocess• Planning is hard:– Dealing with the unknown?• Developers don’t see the value– Standup -> standup? Late arrival… Unconcerned…– Planning sessions as « torture »– Developers want to… develop!
    39. 39.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardOur toolsOrganization / Productivity• JIRA + Greenhopper• Confluence• Google Docs / Drive• Graylog 2• Bamboo CB• yED• GitHubInfrastructure• Maven• Amazon EC2– Runtime / API• Hetzner servers– Internal IT– 5x cheaper than EC2!
    40. 40.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardBooooooooooks!Team Geek, O’Reilly Scrum en action, Pearson
    41. 41.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardBusiness Learnings @ an IoT Startup• A strong business team is KEY:– Find the right partners!• Produce what the market is ready for, incubate yourdreams!• Minimal Viable product: ROI of perfection isn’t highenough!• Exciting to face real/physical constraints (angrycustomers, investors,…)
    42. 42.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardTechnical Learnings @ an IoT Startup• Hardest bit is to coordinate between business anddevelopers interests…• Mostly about finding the right team!• Gap between prototypes and prod apps isenormous!• Challenge the hypes!
    43. 43.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardDominique Guinarddom@evrythng.com you
    44. 44.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique GuinardUseful Links• Web of Things community:•• Web of Things Thesis:•• Signup for EVRYTHNG account (for your next IoT / WoTprojects):•