5 Years of Web of Things Workshops

Co-founder & CTO at EVRYTHNG, Web of Things Pioneer, Internet of Things Expert
Oct. 23, 2014

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5 Years of Web of Things Workshops

  1. 7 October, 2014 Dominique Guinard Co-founder of the WoT Workshop Series 5 Years of WoT Workshops Looking back looking forward
  2. Best Paper Award @ WoT 2014 Gérôme Bovet, Antonio Ridi and Jean Hennebert: Virtual Things for Machine Learning Applications
  3. The Genesis
  4. 2006: An Application Layer for the IoT? • The IoT is getting big • Yet, no application layer • DPWS, Upnp, etc.
  5. 2007-2008: The Web as the Application Layer for the IoT • Wait how about the Web? • It did help the Internet to become useful in a simple manner • “Putting Things to REST”, Erik Wilde • “Towards the Web of Things”, Dave Raggett @ IoT 2008 • opens, WoT Whitepaper, Vlad Trifa & Dom Guinard
  6. Web of Things How applications connect with things How things connect to the internet Internet of Things § OSI Layer 7 + § REST, JSON § Social networks, semantics § Mashups § OSI Layer 4 – § EPC, IPv6lowpan, WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, etc. “Application architecture for physical objects” “Uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure”
  7. Reaction of the WSN / Ubicomp Community Yeah thanks but, no thanks!
  8. 2009: The WSN / Ubicomp Community starts thinking about it again • Working with embedded devices requires a PhD in CS… • Researchers start thinking about the Web seriously… • “Our results show that Web service requests can be completed well below one second and with a low power consumption, even in a multi-hop setting.”, Dunkels et al. • “Towards the Web of Things: Web Mashups for Embedded Devices.”, Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa • More publications like the WoT architecture followed:
  9. Looking Back @ the WoT Workshop Series
  10. WoT 2010 • “Architecture and Protocols for the Internet of Things: A Case Study”, Angelo P. Castellani, et. Al • “Early Lessons from Building Sensor.Network: an Open Data Exchange for the Web of Things”, Vipul Gupta, et. Al • “Sharing Using Social Networks in a Composable Social Web of Things”, Dominique Guinard • Towards a REST-style Architecture for Networked Vehicles and Sensors, José Pinto
  11. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  12. WoT 2011 • “Providing user support in Web-of- Things enabled Smart Spaces”, Mathieu Boussard et. Al • “Connecting Things to the Web using Programmable Low-power WiFi Modules”, Benedikt Ostermaier et. Al • “A Network Architecture for the Web of Things”, Vipul Gupta et. Al • “The Anatomy of a Large Scale Social Web for Internet Enabled Objects”, Antonio Pintus et. Al
  13. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  14. WoT 2012: • “WoTKit: A Lightweight Toolkit for the Web of Things”, Michael Blackstock, et Al • “A Computational Space for the Web of Things”, Simon Mayer, et Al • “RESTful Triple Spaces of Things” , Aitor Gómez-Goiri, et Al
  15. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  16. WoT 2013: • “CoAP for the Web of Things: From Tiny Resource-constrained Devices to the Web Browser”, Matthias Kovatsch et Al. • Offering Web-of-Things Connectivity to Building Networks, Gérôme Bovet et Al. • COMPOSE: Enabling an open marketplace of services for the Internet of Things, Charalampos Doukas et Al.
  17. WoT 2014
  18. 5 Years, 83 Papers 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Submited Accepted Main conferences started to have WoT tracks
  19. The Crew: Thanks! • The Organisers: • Simon Mayer • Vlad Trifa • Erik Wilde • Dave Raggett • Me J (Dominique Guinard) • The PC: Rosa Alarcon Michael Blackstock Olivier Boissier Aitor Gómez-Goiri Dominique Guinard Jean Hennebert Gerd Kortuem Matthias Kovatsch Rodger Lea Olivier Liechti Marino Linaje Diego López-De-Ipiña Friedemann Mattern Simon Mayer Florian Michahelles Jacques Pasquier Cesare Pautasso Dave Raggett David Resseguie Till Riedel Andreas Ruppen Vlad Trifa Inaki Vazquez Erik Wilde
  20. Looking Forward
  21. A Few Interesting Things happening in the Web of Things…
  22. A Few Interesting Things happening in the Web of Things… • WoT 2015 • Standardization & Best Practices: • Web of Things W3C Interest Group • • WoT Label •
  23. Thanks for the great community! 7 October, 2014 Dom Guinard @domguinard Co-founder of the WoT Workshop Series CTO @ EVRTHNG –