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5 Years of Web of Things Workshops

A recap on the 5 Years of Web of Things Workshops, 2010, 2014

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5 Years of Web of Things Workshops

  1. 1. 7 October, 2014 Dominique Guinard Co-founder of the WoT Workshop Series 5 Years of WoT Workshops Looking back looking forward
  2. 2. Best Paper Award @ WoT 2014 Gérôme Bovet, Antonio Ridi and Jean Hennebert: Virtual Things for Machine Learning Applications
  3. 3. The Genesis
  4. 4. 2006: An Application Layer for the IoT? • The IoT is getting big • Yet, no application layer • DPWS, Upnp, etc.
  5. 5. 2007-2008: The Web as the Application Layer for the IoT • Wait how about the Web? • It did help the Internet to become useful in a simple manner • “Putting Things to REST”, Erik Wilde • “Towards the Web of Things”, Dave Raggett @ IoT 2008 • opens, WoT Whitepaper, Vlad Trifa & Dom Guinard
  6. 6. Web of Things How applications connect with things How things connect to the internet Internet of Things § OSI Layer 7 + § REST, JSON § Social networks, semantics § Mashups § OSI Layer 4 – § EPC, IPv6lowpan, WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, etc. “Application architecture for physical objects” “Uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure”
  7. 7. Reaction of the WSN / Ubicomp Community Yeah thanks but, no thanks!
  8. 8. 2009: The WSN / Ubicomp Community starts thinking about it again • Working with embedded devices requires a PhD in CS… • Researchers start thinking about the Web seriously… • “Our results show that Web service requests can be completed well below one second and with a low power consumption, even in a multi-hop setting.”, Dunkels et al. • “Towards the Web of Things: Web Mashups for Embedded Devices.”, Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa • More publications like the WoT architecture followed:
  9. 9. Looking Back @ the WoT Workshop Series
  10. 10. WoT 2010 • “Architecture and Protocols for the Internet of Things: A Case Study”, Angelo P. Castellani, et. Al • “Early Lessons from Building Sensor.Network: an Open Data Exchange for the Web of Things”, Vipul Gupta, et. Al • “Sharing Using Social Networks in a Composable Social Web of Things”, Dominique Guinard • Towards a REST-style Architecture for Networked Vehicles and Sensors, José Pinto
  11. 11. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  12. 12. WoT 2011 • “Providing user support in Web-of- Things enabled Smart Spaces”, Mathieu Boussard et. Al • “Connecting Things to the Web using Programmable Low-power WiFi Modules”, Benedikt Ostermaier et. Al • “A Network Architecture for the Web of Things”, Vipul Gupta et. Al • “The Anatomy of a Large Scale Social Web for Internet Enabled Objects”, Antonio Pintus et. Al
  13. 13. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  14. 14. WoT 2012: • “WoTKit: A Lightweight Toolkit for the Web of Things”, Michael Blackstock, et Al • “A Computational Space for the Web of Things”, Simon Mayer, et Al • “RESTful Triple Spaces of Things” , Aitor Gómez-Goiri, et Al
  15. 15. And at the same time, outside WoT…
  16. 16. WoT 2013: • “CoAP for the Web of Things: From Tiny Resource-constrained Devices to the Web Browser”, Matthias Kovatsch et Al. • Offering Web-of-Things Connectivity to Building Networks, Gérôme Bovet et Al. • COMPOSE: Enabling an open marketplace of services for the Internet of Things, Charalampos Doukas et Al.
  17. 17. WoT 2014
  18. 18. 5 Years, 83 Papers 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Submited Accepted Main conferences started to have WoT tracks
  19. 19. The Crew: Thanks! • The Organisers: • Simon Mayer • Vlad Trifa • Erik Wilde • Dave Raggett • Me J (Dominique Guinard) • The PC: Rosa Alarcon Michael Blackstock Olivier Boissier Aitor Gómez-Goiri Dominique Guinard Jean Hennebert Gerd Kortuem Matthias Kovatsch Rodger Lea Olivier Liechti Marino Linaje Diego López-De-Ipiña Friedemann Mattern Simon Mayer Florian Michahelles Jacques Pasquier Cesare Pautasso Dave Raggett David Resseguie Till Riedel Andreas Ruppen Vlad Trifa Inaki Vazquez Erik Wilde
  20. 20. Looking Forward
  21. 21. A Few Interesting Things happening in the Web of Things…
  22. 22. A Few Interesting Things happening in the Web of Things… • WoT 2015 • Standardization & Best Practices: • Web of Things W3C Interest Group • • WoT Label •
  23. 23. Thanks for the great community! 7 October, 2014 Dom Guinard @domguinard Co-founder of the WoT Workshop Series CTO @ EVRTHNG –