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3 Cups of Java Drivers with a Slice of MongoDB


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Return of experience on using MongoDB at EVRYTHNG. Comparing the different Java wrappers/drivers: Mongo Java Native Driver, MongoJack, Jongo, SpringData for MongoDB

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  • @olivergierke Thanks for the comments, as mentionned in the talk I'm not a Spring expert so I was mostly relying the comments. I updated the slides in lights of your comments and will try to add SpringData for Mongo to the small 'benchmarking' project
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  • As to the less good parts in the SD MongoDB part:

    1. You not being a Spring expert shouldn't be a problem :). We don't expect our users to be Spring experts. Basic knowledge has to be sufficient.
    2. Partial loading works in terms of that the plain MongoDB fields() expression is supported throughout the entire library (tempalte & repositories). Loading nested documents only is currently not supported by MongoDB unfortunately.
    3. Lazy loading of references will be part of the upcoming release. See In general, the MongoDB reference docs discourages the usage of DBRefs altogether, which leaves you with manual application level joins. Boils down to: if you don't want eager loading, simply don't use DBRefs (as recommended anyway). And yes we will ease the lazy lookup of related documents in the upcoming version.
    4. Indexing is supported by mapping metadata or the MongoTemplate. I am not entirely sure what you mean with 'switch db', you simply configure a MongoDBFactory per DB and could then use these instances via MongoTemplates. Aggregation framework support is available since the last GA release and will significantly improve in the upcoming one (SpEL support in projection operations etc.)
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