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Expectations contract12-13


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Published in: Education
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Expectations contract12-13

  1. 1. Mr.  Alpert’s  Expectations  I  understand  that  the  following  classroom  expectations  are  something  I  must  choose  to  follow.  I  also  understand  that  all  of  my  choices  have  consequences.  Therefore,  if  I  choose  NOT  to  follow  these  expectations,  I  know  I  must  face  the  consequences.   I  will  enter  the  classroom  quietly  and  respectfully.          I  will  come  to  class  prepared,  on  time,  and  will  be      working  when  the  bell  rings.       I  will  ask  permission  before  leaving  my  seat.         I  will  not  speak  while  Mr.  Alpert  is  speaking  and  will  raise     my  hand  if  I  have  a  question.       I     will  follow  the  school  rules,  including  the  missed   deadline  and  assessment  policies.       I  will  treat  my  classmates  and  Mr.  Alpert  with  respect.        I  understand  and  agree  to  follow  these  expectations  during  the  2012-­‐13  school  year  in  Mr.  Alpert’s  class.    I  know  that  choosing  NOT  to  follow  these  expectations  may  result  in:     Loss  of  Free  Time  -­‐    30/60  min  Detention  -­‐  Call/Email  Home  -­‐  Parent  Conference  -­‐    Office  Referral  Student  Signature:  ______________________________________    Class:  _________  Date:  ________  Parent  Signature:  ______________________________________________________  Date:  ________  Parent  Email:  ____________________________    Parent  Phone:  ______________________________