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00. twa recruitment brief consumer.v0.2


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00. twa recruitment brief consumer.v0.2

  1. 1. Recruitment Brief Tourism Western Australia January 2015 Recruitment Brief Project: Tourism Western Australia (TWA5001) Recruitment for: Tourism Western Australia Consumer Site Date: 14, March 2005 Introduction This document specifies the demographics for the participants to be involved in the research work, to be conducted by Different on behalf of Tourism Western Australia. The intended audience of this document is the recruitment team for this project. The information contained here should be a suitable basis from which to create a recruitment script. If you have any queries or questions please contact: Jeff Davis Tel: (61) 04. 05. 765. 056 Purpose of the research – background for the recruiter only  To review the naming of regions, places and categorisation of sights, activities and events on the current Tourism WA website (, to ensure that they are meaningful and appropriate for our intended audience/s.  To test the attitude towards the navigation, information architecture, usability as well as advertising, sponsored links or buying travel products online via an official unbiased information resource based site.  To understand how successfully the Tourism WA consumer website prototype (could be paper or clickable screenshots) supports target user needs and to uncover any usability issues or ambiguities.  This feedback will be used to drive the design of the consumer website. User groups We plan to conduct a total of 2 rounds of research in March & April of this year. There should be: • SIX participants for the FIRST round of research, • SIX participants for the SECOND round.
  2. 2. Recruitment Brief 2Tourism WA January 2015 Requiring a total of SIX participants. All rounds require the same three audience segment types. For the consumer site, we will need to test 6 people. 50% M/F. the client has identified their target/core users as: - 70%: "self-challengers" - net-savvy, med-high incomes, distrustful of marketing, anti-tourist, not back-packers - 30%: "comfort adventurists" less extreme, not anti-tourist. - And, despite the numbers given above, a small amount of "grey nomads" (older, retired people and DINKS (Dual Income; No Kids) - 50-60% of the users of the site come from WA and are english-speaking. - Ideally, they'd like feedback from 2 users from WA, 2 users from AU, and 2 international users (UK, DE, JP, ideally) NOTE: these parameters are an ideal; we fully realize that it may not be possible, especially given the time constraints, to map exactly to this.
  3. 3. Recruitment Brief 3Tourism WA January 2015 User testing – Rounds 1 & 2 There are three segments that the participants fall in to. We are looking to recruit SIX in total across the three segments – two to six from each group is ideal Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Self-Challengers - net-savvy, med-high incomes, distrustful of marketing, anti-tourist, not back-packers, wants to see undiscovered sites before tourism ruins it. Comfort Adventurists - less extreme, not anti-tourist. Seek “authentic experiences” without compromising comforts. Cocoon Travellers: Grey Nomads (older, retired people and DINKS - Dual Income; No Kids) Round ONE: 3 participants of this segment Round TWO: 3 participants of this segment Total: 6 Self Challengers Round ONE: 2 participants of this segment Round TWO: 2 participants of this segment Total: 4 Comfort Adventurists Round ONE: 1 participant of this segment Round TWO: 1 participant of this segment Total: 2 GN / DINK Travellers Age range: 25+ Age range: 30+ Age range: 35-70 Have recently been on or are planning an extended overseas trip including a working holiday. Have recently been on or are planning a long haul overseas holiday. Have recently been on or are planning an overseas holiday in the next year. Prefers independent-travel Prefers outdoors/activity- based holidays Prefers organised tour-based holidays 50/50 Mix of Males to Females Should all be keen travellers – have recently been on or planning an overseas holiday Ideally, 1/3 of the participants should be from WA, 1/3 from AU and 1/3 from overseas – specifically, UK, DE or JP. All participants should be reasonably comfortable online. They should use the internet to conduct research for their holidays. Please do not recruit if:  The person is strongly opinionated against using the internet to search for travel information and/or purchase travel products  The person is not conversant in English  The person is strongly opinionated against Western Australia or adventure travel  The person works in the following roles: o Any Interactive Media Agency position o Market researcher
  4. 4. Recruitment Brief 4Tourism WA January 2015 o Any travel industry related position Session Details Location All sessions will be held at the following location: Sydney Research Facility Level 1, 131 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: Jane on (02) 9299 1171 Dates  The sessions will be one-on-one, in other words, one facilitator and one participant.  Session duration 1.5 hours.  Round ONE testing is scheduled to happen on Monday, 20th March 2006 until Tuesday 21st March 2006 (3 participants)  Round TWO testing is scheduled to happen from Thursday 27nd April 2006 until Monday, 1st May 2006 inclusive (3 participants).  It is up to the discretion of the recruiter to place participants within this time period. We do not need to speak to people from the different user groups in any particular order.  Please schedule participants between the hours of 10.30am - 6pm  Please allow 15 minutes break for the facilitator between sessions. Incentives  Participant incentives have been budgeted at $65 per person. Please get in contact if this is not in line with your expectations. Participants should know…  It is important to inform participants that the sessions will be video tape recorded. The videos will however only be used for research purposes. They will not be distributed for marketing purposes, etc.  If participants wear glasses for reading they should bring glasses to the session as they will be required to read text on paper and on a computer monitor as part of the session activities.