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  • The world’s smallest island nation. 80% of the island cannot support life due to massive phosphate mining.
  • As seas begin to rise, climate change refugees are coming out of Kiribati
  • During the period from June 30, 1946, to August 18, 1958, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, all of which were considered atmospheric. The most powerful of those tests was the "Bravo" shot, a 15 megaton device detonated on March 1, 1954, at Bikini atoll. That test alone was equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.
  • Oceania

    1. 1. BellringerWhat is a coral reef?
    2. 2. Oceani aMelanesia, Micronesia, & Polynesia
    3. 3. Atoll• An atoll is a coral island that encircles a lagoon partly or completely
    4. 4. Archipelago• A group of islands
    5. 5. Quick Write• What US state is an archipelago?• What are atolls made of?
    6. 6. US Territories in Oceania• Northern Mariana Islands• Guam• America Samoa• Midway (wildlife refuge)• Uninhabited Islands – Wake Island – Johnston Atoll – Baker Island – Howland Island – Jarvis Island – Kingman Reef
    7. 7. Oceania• Melanesia  means black islands• Micronesia  means small islands• Polynesia means many islands
    8. 8. High Islands and Low Islands• Volcanoes form high islands, which generally can support more people and have a more fertile soil.• Low islands are reefs or atolls, and are relatively small and infertile.• Melanesia—mostly high islands• Micronesia and Polynesia— mostly low islands
    9. 9. Quick Write• Name one US territory in the Pacific• Name one of the three regions of Oceania• Reef and atolls make up which type of islands?• Volcanoes make up which type of islands?
    10. 10. Melanesia• Papua New Guinea• Fiji Islands• Solomon Islands• Vanuatu• New Caledonia
    11. 11. Papua New Guinea
    12. 12. Fiji Islands
    13. 13. Solomon Islands
    14. 14. New CaledoniaFrench-owned island. 1/3 of inhabitants are of French dissent
    15. 15. Vanuatu
    16. 16. Quick Write• What country is on an island which is part of two continents—Asia and Australia/Oceania?• What European country used to own New Caledonia?
    17. 17. Micronesia• During World War II, the US fought a number of bloody battles against Japan on these islands• Northern Mariana Islands (US territory)• Guam (US territory)• Palau• Nauru• Kiribati• Marshall Islands• Federates States of Micronesia
    18. 18. Northern Mariana Islands
    19. 19. Guam
    20. 20. Palau
    21. 21. Nauru • The world’s smallest island nation • 80% of the island cannot support life due to massive phosphate mining
    22. 22. Kiribati
    23. 23. Marshall Islands
    24. 24. Federated States of Micronesia
    25. 25. Quick Write• What ocean are these islands located in?• In what war did many battles occur between the US and Japan• What island has a major naval base?
    26. 26. Polynesia• Samoa• Tonga• French Polynesia• Pitcairn
    27. 27. Samoa
    28. 28. Tonga
    29. 29. French Polynesia Tahiti
    30. 30. Pitcairn Island • Mutiny on the Bounty 1795 • 8 English crewmen, 6 Tahitian men, 18 women (most of them kidnapped) and a baby settled on the island to avoid the British Navy • Today most of the 67 inhabitants are descendants of this group
    31. 31. Animation
    32. 32. Quick Write• What European country controls the large archipelago in Polynesia• In what war did many battles occur between the US and Japan• What island has a major naval base?
    33. 33. • What number is Melanesia?• Polynesia?• Micronesia?