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Helping out the humane society


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Helping out the Humane society is my personal plan to open the eyes of the population to the many horrors of animal cruelty.

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Helping out the humane society

  1. 1. Helping out the Humane Society By: Christine Mongrain
  2. 2. “ ” We must never relinquish the vision of a humane society and a humane world -Kjell Magne Bondevik
  3. 3. Who Cares?! The Target audience: • Animal Lovers • Families considering pet adoption • The Single population looking for a companion • Volunteers
  4. 4. Will the Plan Work? Key Performance Indicators: • An increase or decrease in adoptions • Increase or Decrease in the number of volunteers • # of Donations received
  5. 5. What does it all come down to? Main idea: … Make it harder for people to ignore the ANIMAL ABUSE, OVERBREEDING, HOMELESS ANIMALS, ANIMAL FIGHTING… the list goes on.
  6. 6. Why are we doing this? Main Goals • Increase pet adoption • Spread the word of the Humane society • Increase number of volunteers • Increase Donations
  7. 7. Putting the Plan in Motion Tactics: • Create a Humane Society game for the smart phones • Include real life testimonials in the Humane Societys Facebook, Twitter and blogs. • Optimize key words throughout the social media networks
  8. 8. Whats the Budget Looking Like? • Best Estimate: $20,000 - Keeping in mind that it is $250 an hour for social media agencies
  9. 9. Summing it all Up The drive: Increase volunteers, donations and adoptions by putting more personal experience into play How we do this: Real life testimonials, smart phone game and simple social media optimization