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Melissa Phillips Visual Resume


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Melissa Phillips Visual Resume

  1. 1. What the heck is a “Melissafor short) Phillips?” (“Missy” Image taken by Emily Braley
  2. 2. Born and raised in the Keystone State
  3. 3. moo I grew up on a dairy farm 35838730@N05/6037453090/">HunterDesportes</a> via <a href="http://
  4. 4. That’s my dad with our cows at the fair Ironically enough, I’m Vegan now. All images mine
  5. 5. Images belong to my family My sisters did a lot of taking care of me when I was little
  6. 6. I spent all of my teen years wanting to leave ...So I did
  7. 7. But as soon as I got here I realized Pennsylvania is pretty awesome.
  8. 8. I came here to get a Bachelors degree in Music Business from Full Sail University - So that is what I will do before I relocate again. 10687935@N04/3616922753/">Robert S. Donovan</a> via <a href="
  9. 9. Since I’ve been here I’ve done some rea!y exciting things
  10. 10. I finally explored my prolonged passion and curiosity for Slam Poetry - and received positive feedback!
  11. 11. I started my own DIY brand
  12. 12. Artist pitch to A&R of Atlantic Records, Steve Robertson
  13. 13. Got a part-time serving job at a vegan restaurant and met some amazing people through that. Image from my phone
  14. 14. S B Perhaps most importantly - A paid internship at venues The Social and The Beacham in Downtown Orlando Where I’ve gained experience in...
  15. 15. Social Media Marketing
  16. 16. All images mine Live Event Photography
  17. 17. Live Box Office Sales & Promotion
  18. 18. Image taken by Emily Braley To work together or just to say Hello... TWEET @mphillips2426 EMAIL CALL 610.621.0155 Thanks!