Grandma and Grandpa\'s 50th annivesary slide show


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Grandma and Grandpa\'s 50th annivesary slide show

  1. 1. A Newfie was playing a round of golf with his buddy. He was on the fairway asking his buddy what he should do for his 50th wedding anniversary. Well, his buddy asked, what did you do on your 25th anniversary? The Newfie answered, I took my wife to Hawaii. Well what were you thinking of doing for your 50th annviversary? Newfie said” I was thinking of bringing her back!”
  2. 2. A Newfie and his wife, both in their seventies, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. O their special day, a genie appeared and told them that because the were such a devoted couple, he would grant them one wish each. The wife went first. She wished for a trip around the world with her husband. Whoosh! She immediately had in her hands two tickets for flights and a cruise. The man went next. He wished for a female companion 20 years younger and Whoosh immediately he turned 97!
  3. 3. How does one honor a couple whose marriage spans half a century- especially when that couple is your parents? Well, you start with pictures- the thousands and thousands of pictures that Mom has saved over the years. You must choose the photos that best represents the last fifty years. You then tell a story- not from the couple’s perspective but from a son’s perspective. As a result the story may not be completely accurate- but everyone knows how it ends. This book was written the way we were raised- with lots of love and humor. Written and created by Paul and Nicole
  4. 4. 50 years since your first kiss 50 years of wedded bliss 50 years of love and caring 50 years of growth and sharing 50 years of warmth and cold 50 years of growing old 50 years of holding hands 50 years of golden bands Paul
  5. 5. (or what 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild will do to you!)