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PR Experts As Influencers


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Christine Perkett on why PR experts are now influencers - and how to get there yourself. Embracing your role as a tastemaker. A presentation June 11, 2010 for T3PR by PRSA in NYC.

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PR Experts As Influencers

  1. 2. PR is…
  2. 5. Of course, they pay the bills!
  3. 6. You You You You You
  4. 8. PR FIRMS
  5. 9. I said no!
  6. 11. Tastemaker Webster's New World College Dictionary <> Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.
  7. 19. The Obvious… Personal Brand (It lasts forever)
  8. 22. Do What You Do (And do it well)
  9. 23. I agree with Christine Perkett. I like the fact that PR people are reading my tweets , at least if they are reading the substantive posts that most of the tweets link to. That way they'll follow what I'm writing and, I hope, only pitch me on stuff there's some chance I am interested in . As long as they don’t start pitching me on Twitter -- Facebook pitches are bad enough. Steve Wildstrom, BusinessWeek blog, “Freak out: Twitter infested by PR”
  10. 24. Media and Influencers chatter with PPR
  11. 25. The Obvious… No, Really Do. It. Well. (Especially in PR)
  12. 27. Share Share Share (but make it valuable!)
  13. 28. The Obvious…
  14. 29. The Obvious…
  15. 31. The Obvious… Write A Book (or get in one!)
  16. 33. Don’t Say You’re In PR (kidding)
  17. 34. The Obvious… Award-winning digital & social media agency A new media marketing agency On the cutting edge of all things new media PR, interactive digital & social marketing
  18. 35. The Obvious… Make Your Own Rules (within reason)
  19. 36. The Obvious… Chris Brogan
  20. 37. The Obvious… It’s All About You (Only it isn’t)
  21. 38. <ul><li>Thank You! </li></ul><ul><li>@missusP </li></ul><ul><li>@PerkettPR </li></ul>