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  1. 1. The tale of the food groups.<br />
  2. 2. Chapter 1<br />One day Samantha the strawberry was walking in the park when she bumped into Berry the chocolate bar.<br />Samantha the strawberry asked Berry the chocolate bar if he wanted to walk with her Berry replied he wanted to stop and play at the park.<br />If you want Samantha and berry to go take a walk click on Samantha if you want them to go play at the park click on Berry. <br />
  3. 3. You clicked Samantha the strawberrry!<br />Samantha and Berry were playing for awhile and they wanted to play tag but there wasn’t enough people so they decided to invite there friends Ileana the ice-cream and Marty the muffin. <br />Once they got there they began to play tag at first Marty the muffin was it and then she tagged Samantha the strawberry but she didn't think she got tagged. If you think Samantha should be it click on her if you think Marty the muffin should still be it click on Marty.<br />
  4. 4. You Clicked Berry the Chocolate Bar! <br /> Samantha and Berry started there walk down the street, they were walking along and all of a sudden it started to rain.<br />Then berry started to melt, Samantha rushed to call the doctor. When the doctor got there Berry was on the ground yelling “I’m melting “. <br />The doctor said they had to get him out of the rain right away. If you want Berry to get out of the rain click on the doctor if you want them to stay and play in the rain click on Berry.<br />
  5. 5. You clicked on the Doctor!They went to the hospital and did some research they found out that berry couldn’t go in the rain or he would die because the rain would make him smaller and smaller until he didn’t exist.Berry said that he looked smaller and the doctor told him that he would be that small but since he isn't an adult he would grow more but he would never be as tall as would have been. He went to school the next day and kids started laughing at him they said he was to short for his age.<br />
  6. 6. The teacher was talking about the art project they were doing and how it was related to the one they did last class. When he realized that that he was getting teased he told Berry and Carla to come with him into the hallway. Carla got in trouble and Berry got sent back into the classroom. He was getting teased a lot. After school was all over and he graduated he grew very tall and he thought back of when he was in school and got teased.Then he ran into one of his school class mates when he was in school his name was tom the tomato when he bumped into him berry remembered that he was the one that was teasing him a lot when he was in school and he looked at him and saw that he was really short compared to Berry. Berry didn't say anything though because he new how bad it felt to be teased. Pete the pepper apologized for when he was younger and they are now really good friends. The end! <br />
  7. 7. You clicked on the Berry! Berry stayed and started playing in the rain one of his friends came by and started playing with him. After awhile berry kept getting smaller and smaller until he was just so tiny you could barley se him his friend peter the pepper carried him inside of his house they phoned Berry’s parents and told tham the whole story. Berry went home and he got home schooled and never came out of his house. One day when he was an adult his mom told him to go get some groceries he left the house and started his walk to the grocery store once he got there he met up with his friend Peter the pepper. He said hi and they started to talk Peter said he was very sorry for had happened and helped him with his groceries. Berry and Peter were starting to be very good friends and they hung out every day. The end. <br />