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  • Roshni and jamies imc 631 powerpoint presentation (1)

    1. 1. DOMINO’S “WHERE PIZZ A ME ETS MOBILE!”IMC 631 Final Campaign –Roshni Patel & Jamie Stevenson—Eastern Michigan University—Professor David
    2. 2. DOMINO’S OVERVIEW Pizza companies throughout the United States are becoming increasingly conscious about providing the pizza consumer with new marketing mediums that will be more conducive to their mobile ordering process. Domino’s has created a mobile menu ordering app to aid in the pizza consumer’s ordering process. “Each day, more than 1 million customers enjoy hot, delicious Domino’s Pizza products on every inhabited continent on Earth, because we operate over 9,000 stores in more than 60 countries, all dedicated to our focus of providing great-tasting pizza delivered directly to your door or available for carryout. We pioneered the pizza delivery business, and our total system sells more than 400 million pizzas worldwide every year (Domino’s Investor Relations, n.d., para. 1).” There are several opportunities for Domino’s to increase their presence in the pizza delivery market place by target the largest demographic in the United States, the Millennial generation, increase awareness about the mobile menu ordering application, utilize traditional and new marketing mediums, and placing their products in high visibility areas such as collegiate and professional sporting arenas.
    3. 3. DOMINO’S COMPETITORSDirect Competitor’s SWOT Analysis: The direct competitors of Domino’s consist of Round Table Pizza, Pizza Hut, LittleCaesar’s, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, independents, Godfather’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, Cici’sPizza, and Papa Murphy’s. Some of the direct competitors operate on a local, regional,national, and international level (Appendix A: Direct Competitors SWOT Analysis).Indirect Competitor’s SWOT Analysis Indirect competitors of Domino’s consist of nationally recognized frozen pizza brandssuch as Tombstone Pizza, Tony’s located in the frozen food section at local grocery stores,and fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Subway.
    4. 4. DOMINO’S TARGET MARKETPrimary Target Market Secondary Target MarketDomino’s Primary Target Market is comprised of Domino’s secondary target market is comprised ofpizza lovers. The subset of the target market is the businesses, schools, and organizations.Millennial Demographic. The Millennial demographic is a subset of thetarget market. A Pew Research Center Reportprofiles 50 million Millennial who currently span theages of 18 to 29 (Millennial: Confident, 2010, para15).” The consumer-oriented objective is toincrease sales in mobile ordering system.
    5. 5. Target Market Analysis Domino’s target market consists of 94% of the American population (Figure 1.0. Who EatsPizza). “Identifying the consumer target is important because different consumers may have differentbrand knowledge structures and thus different perceptions and preferences for the brand (Keller, K.L., 2008, p. 99).” Who Eats Pizza?  93% of America’s population eats pizza  Every man, women and child in America eats an average of 46 slices of pizza a year  93% of all Americans eat at least one pizza a month  37% of kids say pizza is their favorite food  Children between the ages of 3 and 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner  Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or about 350 slices per second. (Who Eats Pizza, n.d., para. 1)
    6. 6. Corporate Strategy To succeed, Domino’s Pizza must accomplish the following: Create awareness about Domino’s mobile ordering system by utilizing jumbotron and aerial billboards during six major sporting events that will result in sales. Utilizing QR Codes on jumbotron and aerial billboards will increase Domino’s current percentage of mobile order sales by 30 percent. Millennials visiting the Domino’s mobile site or online site will provide Domino’s the ability to gather customer information that third parties can evaluate. Evaluating consumer information can provide Domino’s with a consumer’s regions that are viewing and utilizing Domino’s mobile ordering system all of which will aid in their geo-demographic segmentation strategy.The marketing strategy for Domino’s Pizza will be to:Boost Domino’s over their competitors.Establish Domino’s with the Pizza Lover Millennial segment, schools, organizations, and businesses.Establish effective marketing strategy with franchises and the six sporting events utilizing QR codes displayed on jumbotron and aerial billboards.
    7. 7. Direct MarketingThe direct marketing techniquethat will be utilized in theDomino’s campaign will be adimensional mail.Dominos can use their currentpackaging channel memberswho supply their pizza boxes,and have them create a solidred pizza box with a 4x4 inchQR code on the lid of the box.Inside the box with have all theinstructional material regardingDomino’s “Where Pizza MeetsMobile” campaign.The pizza boxes will be mailedto all locally owned and operatedfranchise locations throughoutthe United States.
    8. 8. TradePromotionThere will trade promotion forfranchises and theiremployees who scan the mostQR code orders.$200 Domino’s gift card to begiven to each employee in thefranchise for the franchise thatscans the most QR codeorders.$100 Domino’s gift card to begiven to each employee fromthe franchise that is selectedfrom the “losers-pool.”
    9. 9. Mobile on the GO!• Mobile menu ordering technology available for customers via smart phones and e readers. “Dominos debuts its ordering app for Android phones. This, in addition to its existing iPhone app which debuted in 2011, offers a Dominos mobile ordering app to more than 80 percent of smartphones (Making Pizza Since, n.d., para. 35).”• Menu ordering available via digital devices and on social media sites.
    10. 10.  The redesign will be structured to be more interactive and allow consumers toIntegration of Mobile! share what they like on the site, and what they don’t like on the site. Consumers will be able to access the The overall campaign management application through iPad, tablet and consists of $30 million that will be used Android. to advertise and create awareness about Domino’s mobile ordering system.  The website will have an ad banner that The campaign will be conducted from will link them to download the January 2013 through June 2013. The application and direct them to the app objective is to create awareness in the store to download for free. Once Pizza Lover Millennial demographic by downloaded they will enter their email utilizing Dominos mobile ordering address that will directly add them to the system via mobile devices, Apple Domino’s mailing list. devices, and Android devices.  A feedback form will be available on The mobile application at Domino’s will Domino’s mobile application for future be redesigned to allow consumers to be evaluation and measurements. more interactive in sharing products they view on their phone. The mobile application industry is starting to grow, because of consumers viewing social media site to see what their peers are up too.
    11. 11. ADVERTISING—INTERACTIVE—NEW MEDIAAdvertising Marketing and advertising plays a vital role in any campaign. The outcome for Domino’sadvertising is to target Millennials and to create “buzz” via the net. The web is very massive andcan target many wide groups. The Millennials who enjoy baked foods are a target market toreach viral online Interactive and New Media.Domino’s “Where Pizza Meets Mobile” campaign will be advertised onall social media websites including:Twitter – Tweets will be sent out to users about the code to sign up and the process. This willallow the twitter users to scan the QR code.Facebook-Posts about promotional offers will be shown on Domino’s fan page, and tips onsigning up for baked goods offers.YouTube – A commercial will be implemented by celebrity sports players that will advertise theQR code and provide information in the advertisement about Domino’s promotional offers byutilizing the QR code and mobile application
    12. 12. OPPORTUNITY ANALYSISUtilizing five marketing channels such as digital, promotions, social media, television,and public relations during the months of January through June 2013 calendar yearwill allow Domino’s to effectively monitor the success of their IMC campaign and theirpoint of sale ordering system. This can be achieved by employing the IMC campaignaround six major sporting venues in the United States.
    14. 14. BudgetBudget Allocation Overview-consumerThe budget for the consumer oriented IMC strategies for the Domino’s marketing campaign will be$25,500,000. This will cover production of a 30-second advertisement, online/social media, digitaladvertising, aerial billboards, jumbotron advertisements, print media, and public relations. Thebudget has been distributed into five major areas of allocation.
    16. 16. Not only will it increase in sales but also it will Brand Positioning allow the company to build a database of emails and information to log and send out coupons Strategy and other promotional giveaways for thePositioning Statement consumer to return and purchase more from Domino’s Pizza.The pizza industry is a unique product where itis receptive to innovative ideas and uniqueitems, Domino’s is the leading marketers thatdelivers unique product solutions to make life a Campaign Themelittle easier as pizza brings people together! The campaign theme embodies the core benefits behind engaging in the Domino’s PizzaCampaign Promise overall experience, all of which consists of newDomino’s Pizza offers innovative and unique technology ideas for consumers to order andtechnology tools that will make life easier to receive discounts. Domino’s Pizza offersorder and will allow the consumer to have pizza innovative and great food that bring peoplewithin minutes. Utilizing QR codes on jumbotron together as they can enjoy the experience andwill increase Domino’s awareness and sales as taste of Pizza within minutes along with theit is “hassle-free” by ordering the touch of a ability to satisfy the consumer needs and wantsbutton and also receiving discounts through the
    17. 17. Tone Style Domino’s is a respectable companyThe tone of this campaign will be representing highly respected brand. It isentertaining in allowing our target market the imperative that we treat Domino’s with duePizza Lover Millennials to be engaged by dignityutilizing traditional and new marketingmediums. Consumers utilizing Domino’smobile application will allow the consumer tobe engaged with Domino’s mobile orderingsystem, and at the same time they will begiven the opportunity to get informationregarding the sports events that cannot beviewed elsewhere. Domino’s “Where Pizza Meets Mobile!
    18. 18. Internet Strategy The use of technology has become increasingly a powerful new marketing medium. The ordering app on the Android operating system includes additional ordering features, which improve the experience for customers. Domino’s current percentage of mobile order sales and traditional ordering sales will be from 30 percent all by targeting their primary target market, the Millennial. “Domino’s has used QR codes before in promotional flyers during the college football season and had experienced favorable results (Domino’s QR Code Delivered, 2011, para. 2).” The goal is to increase sales by another 30% in sales and build revenue from online ordering and mobile app ordering. One way to increase sales is to utilize QR codes at sports events on Jumbotron and aerial billboards that will provide consumers with the opportunity to “snap” the QR code in order to receive promotions, and additional information regarding the sporting event that cannot be viewed from any other source.
    19. 19. Loyalty Program• With the increasing popularity of sporting events in the United States, digital media has made a major impact in the consumer’s purchasing decisions in regards to consumable products.• Domino’s can develop a loyalty rewards program. This rewards program will provide points for topping and items that are ordered via mobile devices.• Customers who participate in the rewards program can accumulate points and can receive discounts on future purchases.
    20. 20. Overall GoalThe goal of our Domino’s “Where Pizza Meets Mobile!” campaign will be to ultimately:Increase awareness about Domino’s mobile ordering system application and show an increasesales.Create campaigns with sports organizations by implementing QR codes so that consumers can receivediscounts via jumbotron and aerial billboards.Increase the number of order via Domino’s mobile order menu application.Dominos will utilize five marketing channels such as interactive, promotions, social media, television, andpublic relations to effectively monitor the success of their IMC campaign and their point of sale orderingsystem.Domino’s primary objective will be to create awareness with the Pizza Lover Millennial demographicabout Domino’s mobile ordering system. To achieve this goal, Domino’s will need to create awarenesswith the Millennials. Employing the communication opportunity analysis, and the following IMCObjectives will be the focus for the Domino’s Campaign.Creating awareness with secondary target market, the businesses, schools, and organizations regardingthe Smart Slice Program that can be utilized using via the mobile ordering system.
    21. 21.  Dominos will utilize five marketing channelsGOALS! such as interactive, promotions, social media, television, and public relations to effectively monitor the success of their IMCThe goal of our Domino’s “Where Pizza campaign and their point of sale orderingMeets Mobile!” campaign will be to system.ultimately:  Domino’s primary objective will be to createIncrease awareness about Domino’s mobile awareness with the Pizza Lover Millennial demographic about Domino’s mobileordering system application and show an ordering system. To achieve this goal,increase sales. Domino’s will need to create awarenessCreate campaigns with sports organizations with the Millennials. Employing theby implementing QR codes so that consumers communication opportunity analysis, andcan receive discounts via jumbotron and aerial the following IMC Objectives will be thebillboards. focus for the Domino’s Campaign.Increase the number of order via Domino’s  Creating awareness with secondary targetmobile order menu application. market, the businesses, schools, and organizations regarding the Smart Slice Program that can be utilized using via the mobile ordering system.