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7 Common Cognitive DisordersCatastrophizing: taking How to Rock an Audience: from stage fright to stage presence


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7 Common Cognitive DisordersCatastrophizing: taking an event you are concerned about and blowing it out of proportion. (EVERYONE is going to HATE me!)Arbitrary Inference: making a judgment with no supporting information. (“Hewas giving me stinkeye the entire time” when he was trying to read the slides, so squinting) Personalization: taking someone elses behavior personally. (Audience member falls asleep and you take it personally) Selective Abstraction: focusing in on one bad comment in 10. Overgeneralization: basing future outcomes on current. (“This talk was a disaster, therefore EVERY talk in my future will be a disaster”)Dichotomous Thinking: two extremes. No grey. (They love me/they hate me)Labeling: making a feeling into a label. (“I answered that wrong, therefore I am incompetent.”)

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