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Citizen Superheroes...and other tales of Government 2.0


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This is the presentation we are giving at the ALGIM (Association of Local Government Information Management) Conference in Taupo, New Zealand.

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Citizen Superheroes...and other tales of Government 2.0

  1. ...and other tales from gov’t 2.0 Citizen superheroes
  2. starring:
  3. Tara 'miss rogue' hunt superpowers include: • empathic customer sensory • human behavior precognition • people refocus beams • enhanced word of mouth spreading
  4. chris 'factoryjoe' messina superpowers include: • changing user interfaces in a single bound • super sonic geek whispering • radical opening gamma rays • code wrangling
  5. the scene
  6. new zealand although many of our examples are from the U.S. and Canada, New Zealand is the country
  7. the good guys
  8. a.k .a. the cor et ene ts of we b2 .0 openness collaboration community
  9. and of Trust is at the heart of web 2.0
  10. the bad guys
  11. a.k .a. Tho se by- go ne 1.0 era beh avi our s centralization secrets distrust
  12. Meanwhile...somewhere around the planet...
  13. the case of the horrific data citizens cal & chris save the day
  14. I haven't the You know, Chris, foggiest. Let's So, they log onto the Caltrain site... this is alot of check the fun, but i need to schedule! get going. do you know when the next Caltrain is? GADZOOKS! HOW DO THEY EXPECT US TO UNDERSTAND THIS? not long ago... That will never do...plotting a scheme to I must improve that help, too! nasty interface... And the two of them go off to redesign...
  15. The next day...
  16. grid From...
  17. TO...
  18. To be continued...
  19. speaking of transit, let's go to canada to see what is happening there...
  20. the TTC goes to camp citizen superheroes strike again!
  21. all starts with a discussion, mostly on blogs, started by Robert Oullette, who says the TTC needs a bit of citizen intervention quot;barcampquot; style...
  22. ...flashback sequence... Ryanne Hodsen - “What the heck is Barcamp?”
  23. Barcamps are characterized by the lack of prescheduling and the phenomenon known as...
  24. Hi!! I'm Mark Kuznicki and I'm Passionate about Civic Engagement! And there was music... So this guy and a bunch of others put this thing on... Is that a Maquette?! Fun! And Designs for the new TTC website... And Ideas for transit in the future...
  25. ...and all is well that ends well...
  26. off to find our next citizen superhero!!!
  27. san diego is burning the multi-citizen hero squad
  28. As the fires raged around them, citizens with cameras, phones, computers and other technology recorded...
  29. They reported on everything they could find out so that others could find their loved ones...
  30. They made maps from data gathered from various sources (mostly other citizens recording openly online)...
  31. They took over 10,000 photos, many of which were used by news stations...
  32. ...The traditional news outlets have done a fantastic job of sensationalizing the already sensational...If their goal was simply to make me anxious, then job well done... from: san-diego-wildfire-updates-with-google- maps/
  33. Fortunately, we have the Internet, with its Web 2.0, open API’s, and several clever people who have been able to assemble some very useful information. Here’s my favorite of the bunch. It’s a Google Map of the San Diego area, with polygons and icons showing the perimeter of the fire at various times throughout the past few days, along with road closings, shelter locations, and other updates. from: san-diego-wildfire-updates-with-google- maps/
  34. Ongoing acts of heroism...
  35. ordinary people doing the league of super citizens extraordinary things
  36. Citizen Heroes in the United Kingdom
  37. Citizen Heroes in CHICAGO
  38. Citizen Heroes in Wausau
  39. Citizen Heroes in Quebec
  40. engaging citizen heroes in ann arbor, michigan
  41. engaging citizen heroes in new zealand
  42. engaging citizen heroes in new zealand
  43. and there are thousands more examples like those out there...
  44. ...bringing all of this back to the scene of action: new zealand
  45. So, how do I engage this energy?
  47. how to encourage collaboration a platform (provide APIs - make data available)
  48. “ A quot;platformquot; is a system that can be programmed and therefore customized by outside developers – users – and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform's original developers could ” not have possibly contemplated, much less had time to accommodate. –Marc Andreessen, kinds.html talk to us about stuff like Microformats, APIs and OpenID afterwards!
  49. how to encourage collaboration a platform (provide progress APIs - make data 7. take simple, small steps available) 8.reach out to people from 2.publish everything different backgrounds openly and industries available 9.view the public as a 4.embrace the chaos partner, not a recipient 5.reward contributors real, open betas
  50. government 2.0 = partnering with engaged citizens
  51. Like me.
  52. And me.
  53. and Cal (iamcaltrain).
  54. and Mark (transitcamp).
  55. and Nate (#sandiegofire).
  56. 100% authentic certified wholehearted trust government 2.0=trust
  58. About those rockin’ images • Many of them are purchased from • Those borrowed from Flickr are: • Cal Henderson: • California Fires: • Caltrain: • Chris and Cal Yell: • Chris and Cal Laugh: • TTC street shot: • Transit Waiting Area: • Accordian Guy: • Design Slam TransitCamp: • Whiteboard TransitCamp: • The Grid TransitCamp:
  59. sites of note: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
  60. Tara Hunt 415.694.1951 skype: tarahunt747 Chris Messina 412.225.1051 skype: factoryjoe