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Barcamp and Coworking: United We Starfish


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Presentation on Barcamp for Thinking Digital UK

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Barcamp and Coworking: United We Starfish

  1. barcamp & coworking united we starfish
  2. starfish organizations are: • autonomous individuals & teams [legs] • decentralized • distributed • united through common ideology & goals • there needs to be creators, catalysts & champions to grow them [no single ‘leader’] • intrinsically motivated
  3. the legend of barcamp
  8. BarCamp stats • 6 days to organize (from idea to inception) • 6 planners • 200 people showed up • featured in Wired Magazine • people around the world watched and said...”I can do that”
  9. the next barcamp took place in...
  10. what is barcamp?
  11. Ryanne Hodsen - “What the heck is Barcamp?”
  12. what you need... 1.empty grid 2.a space 3.wifi (preferable, but not necessary) 4.people (present or virtual) 5.willingness to risk
  13. rules of barcamp • You DO talk about Bar Camp (and blog) • If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot on the empty grid. • As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for. • No pre-scheduled presentations. • If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present. (Ok, you don’t really HAVE to, but try to find
  14. barcamp around the world
  15. brussels
  16. portland
  17. shanghai
  18. bangalore
  19. vancouver
  20. milano
  21. paris
  22. palo alto
  23. there have been more than 400 barcamps on 5 continents and in over 250 cities worldwide
  24. barcamp deviations
  25. transitcamp
  26. iphonedevcamp
  27. woolfcamp
  28. barcamp press
  29. barcamp stats • 400+ barcamps worldwide • 56,190 Photos on Flickr tagged ‘barcamp’ • 46,129 blog posts about barcamp • over 30k people have been to barcamp • 625 videos on YouTube • it is 2.5 years old
  30. this is just the beginning
  31. What is Coworking? Coworking is a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents.
  32. citizen space, san francisco
  33. independent’s hall, philadelphia, pa
  34. cubes and crayons, menlo park, ca
  35. cowork central, buenos aires
  36. la cantine, paris
  37. caroline collective, houston, tx
  38. coworking stats • 35 spaces • first space: the hat factory June 2006 (post coworking gatherings) • 1,137 members on the Google Group • 171 cities in progress with multiple spaces in some cities • 173 mainstream press articles written about coworking • 3 appearances on CNN • 7,270 occurrences of ‘coworking’ in blog posts since June 2006
  39. how to start a barcamp 1.go to the wiki and start a page: i.e. 2.add your name to that page, then blog about it 3.when there are other names, call a coffee shop meeting to start organizing to local tech businesses to sponsor (max $300 each) 5.find a venue (preferably one people can sleep overnight in) 6.set a date
  40. how to participate in coworking • join the google group: • become a catalyst (i.e. one that makes a space come together for your area) • become a coworker (i.e. wherever you go, drop into a space and say hi) • become a space owner • help out a space owner (i.e. join up coworking, donate time and energy)
  41. licensing:
  42. photo credits • BarCamp Shots: flickr creative commons ‘barcamp’ • Citizen Space by hyku: • Caroline Collective by Matthew Wettergreen: organ_printer/2310793367/ • Cubes and Crayons by Felicity: 24806355@N08/2339655736/ • Indie Hall by Cyenobite: • Cowork Central by Fernando: 2340644501/ • La Cantine by Elv:
  43. Tara ‘missrogue’ Hunt 415.694.1951 friend me: missrogue (everywhere)