Take Away Endings


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Take Away Endings

  1. 1. Menu of Take-Away Endings Created by Tenille Shade 2009
  2. 3. What did you remember most about the event ? As you story draws to a close, ask yourself . . .
  3. 4. Example of a Memory Ending I still remember the look of sheer terror on Kody’s face when he realized he had wounded me. The sterile smell of the emergency room and the bright fluorescent lights are lodged in my memory forever. Any time I drive by and see kids playing in their front yard I recall the events of that fateful day. Sometimes innocent fun can turn out to be dangerous!
  4. 6. How did you feel about what happened? As you story draws to a close, ask yourself . . .
  5. 7. Example of a Feelings Ending As Nora and I drove home from the emergency room I was overwhelmed with emotions. If that sharp metal object had landed only inches lower, I could have been blinded. Feelings of thankfulness washed over me, and for a brief moment I forgot about the pain. It’s funny how your perspective changes when you choose to count your blessings!
  6. 9. What did you decide? What did you do? As you story draws to a close, ask yourself . . .
  7. 10. Example of a Decision Ending From that day forward, Kody always shouted out a warning of caution if he launched anything into the air. I can still hear him calling, “Heads up Tenille!” when he would throw a Frisbee, a football, or paper airplane in my direction. I decided to forgive him for splitting my head open, and that day the phrase, “accidents happens” took on a whole new meaning!
  8. 12. What would you wish or hope? As you story draws to a close, ask yourself . . .
  9. 13. Example of a Wishes & Hopes Ending The next time Kody and I decided to play in the front yard, I remember thinking, “Man, I hope I don’t end up in the emergency room today!” I was a little cautious before turning my first summersault, and I found myself wishing there was a way to prevent painful experiences. In the end, I realized that that life is full of risks.
  10. 14. Analyze this Ending! Underline the main character’s memories of the main event in BLUE . Underline the main character’s feelings about the main event in RED . Underline a decision the main character made in BLACK. Underline the main character’s hope or wish in GREEN.
  11. 15. Tim leaned back against the building and heaved a sigh of relief. It had been close, that’s for sure. When he shut his eyes he could still see the huge, slobbering dog snarling and snapping at him . He knew that if he ever wanted to explore the junkyard again, he’d check first to see if the dog was there . Next time he would come armed with some dog bistcuits or a very big bone!
  12. 16. Mary thought back to the moment when she kissed the small ugly frog. She still could not believe he’s convinced her to do it. He’d seemed so sad and lonely. She’d never forget the way the frog had turned into a prince! She hoped he’d remember her and come back someday when she was grown up. If he did comeback, she decided that somehow she would become his princess.
  13. 17. Doris the cat purred happily and curled up in the sunny window. She shivered a little when she thought about how long she’d lived in the streets as a skinny, stray cat. But that was then. Now she knew she would never again choose to wander about chasing mice like she used to. It would be fancy cat food for her form now on, served in a fancy glass bowl. As old Mrs. Winn patted her soft coat, Doris stretched and hoped that life would always be this good.