War with Mexico


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War with Mexico

  1. 1. Madeline Schmidt<br />Ms. Marino <br />1st Block<br />April 2, 2009<br />War With Mexico<br />In 1836 a debate over the Mexico-Texas border was in play. The Americans believed the border was the Rio Grande River while Mexico believed the border was farther north on the Nueces River. President Polk sent troops into Texas to enforce the border claimed by America and those troops met Mexican troops. Battles began to break out. Some believed the war was just, some didn’t. Without taking the military steps president Polk took America would not be the size it is today.<br />In the article Declare War on Mexico by Zach Winfield compares Santa Anna to a dictator. Santa Anna denied religious freedom and trial by jury to the Mexican people. The Americans in Texas refused to abide by these laws. Santa Anna took brutal measures at battles, especially the Alamo. The Mexican government agreed that the border was Rio Grande River and Texas independence in a treaty, but did not uphold it. When peaceful negotiations had been refused by Mexico, President Polk sent troops to protect Texas from possible Mexican invasions. Mexico does invade and has no intent on negotiating. Winfield says that the war is morally right because Americans are a growing community that will soon over take Mexican communities. America also knows that their people are use to freedom and will not simply stand by and obey Mexico’s restricting laws. Mexico is to be blamed for the war because they attacked first.<br />In the article by Adam Quincy he believes the war is morally wrong. The solution begins when both the American and Mexican governments remove their troops so negotiations can be settled peacefully without tension. Also Quincy states that Santa Anna signed to border treaty while he was being held prisoner by the U.S. troops and a P.O.W. treaty should not be legal. American troops were also placed on the disputed land. Polk is also believed to be trying to gain much more of Mexico’s territories for the preservation of slavery. With and underlining motive the war is truly unjust. <br />War may not be the most productive way to settle a dispute but it does make a point clear. The Americans had the treaty stating that the Rio Grande was the border to Texas. By Mexico refusing to recognize the border they were bringing conflict upon themselves. Also by sending in troops onto territory that is no part of the United States it can be safe to say Mexico invaded. Santa Anna truly did not realize the good that could come out of allowing America its rightful land. America is a growing economy that is quickly rising in global status. Mexico would be wise to keep peace with America to establish future economic deals. Texas and the rest of Mexico’s northern land were widely unsettled. The Americans came in and established towns and civilizations in these unexplored lands. They marked trails and made discoveries that Mexico would have never known about if they never settled the land. Mexico was offered money and peaceful negotiations for the land and borders and they refused which shows that force was the only solution left. America was protecting its rights from a country that chose to have conflict.<br />America gained everything they wanted from Mexico. Even though war was unfortunate it was the right thing to do. A developing nation has to use to force to get ahead in the world. America established itself and got the land it needed for manifest destiny.<br />