The thick and thin of it


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The thick and thin of it

  1. 1. The Thick and Thin of It<br />There is nothing either good or bad<br />Tis’ something in the middle to be had <br />Thou should learn to live by the flow<br />And need not stress of what thou does not know<br />I live life with no certain direction or plan<br />I think not of tomorrow and I do what I can<br />The wrath of today brings people to peril’s edge<br />They need to know of the other face of the hedge<br />I live laid back and I like it that way<br />The key is to live day by day<br />The rule of man is to work and make money<br />In order to reach the sacred land of milk and honey<br />The monotony of a daily routine is but a bore<br />When living sporadically is worth so much more<br />Curse today’s modern society<br />For it has changed one’s propriety<br />People should not be so tight<br />People should not seek revenge or fight<br />People only need know what is wrong and what is right<br />People only need to breathe in and out<br />That is what easy living is all about<br />My soliloquy is about how people just need to relax. I constantly preach about how everyone is super uptight. The world is crazy corrupt with stress and pressure and if everyone were to chill out things would be so much better. I chose the opening line because it stated how I feel about things, neutral. I felt that my soliloquy was different from something in Shakespeare’s time only because Shakespeare is all drama and constant chaos. I hate chaos and drama. Shakespeare and I would never get along. This topic is what first came to my mind when the assignment directions said “opinion on life.” I enjoy having no set plan in life.<br />