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Madeline schmidt


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Madeline schmidt

  1. 1. Madeline Schmidt<br />" What has influenced your decision to pursue a career in education?" <br />When I was in grade school I would always dress like a teacher on career days. I would wear a nice outfit, glasses, and carry a ruler. My mom was a Kindergarten teacher before and after I was born so I was constantly being dragged to her classroom to help her set up for the new school year. I always thought teaching could be easy, from watching my mom set out toys in her classroom. I was always around to help my mom with grading or setting up assignments or other tasks around her room. Being a teacher was always a thought in my mind but I wasn’t sure what kind of teacher I wanted to be, till the past year or so. I met my art teacher and she impacted me greatly. She helped me get more involved in art and she was fun to be in class with. Since I’m very into art I thought why not be an art teacher. I could have my room decorated vibrantly, like the art room at my school and I could see my students art skills develop over the course. Also being an art teacher it would be a different kind of grading. I wouldn’t have to read papers or correct workbooks but look at their art and effort. Overall, being in my art class this year, my love of art, being around my teaching mother, and search for a fulfilling career choice have influenced me to look into education.<br />