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  2. 2. SYNOPSIS 17 year old Kate Brown lives in the small suburban town of barking. Known for their wealth her family is targeted by a criminal gang who are kidnapping the children of rich families for profitable ransom money.
  3. 3. MISE EN SCENE• Our film opening will feature shots of hidden identity and low key lighting.• We would use lots of close up shots to build tension and create the hidden identity.• The lighting will be low key as this is typical of a thriller film.
  4. 4. INFLUENCED BY -• The disappearance of Alice Creed• Taken• Man on fireAll these films are also thrillers, but weparticularly focused on the the first film as itfocuses on a young woman being kidnappedfor her family’s wealth and a dramaticsequence of events follow.
  5. 5. BUDGET AND PRODUCTION COMPANY-• Production company – CINEMANX which supports British independent films• The budget is roughly estimated at around £1 million as it is just a small independent company. We want to keep it with a British company because we wanted to keep it closer to home.
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE• Our film will be aimed at young adults and teens as we think it will appeal mostly to them and they are the majority of people who would come to see it. We don’t think it would be suitable for anyone younger than 15. We think this film would appeal to both males and females.