Hacking meat


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Hacking meat

  1. 1. Hacking Meat: Why Insects Are the Future of Food An array of high-protein foods made with cricket flour!
  2. 2. Hacking Meat: Why Insects Are the Future of Food By Chirp founders Megan Miller and John Heylin www.chirpfarms.com
  3. 3. Why Eat Bugs?
  4. 4. Supplies Are Totally Inadequate
  5. 5. Livestock Are Killing The Planet = • 18% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions • Cover 30% of the Earth's land • 1/3 crops fed to livestock • 8% of global water use Source: Durst, P., Johnson, D., Leslie, R., Shono, K. (2010). Forest Insects as Food: Humans Bite Back. United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. Retrieved from www.fao.org/docrep/012/i1380e/i1380e00.pdf
  6. 6. We Have The Answer
  7. 7. Incredible Feed-to-Meat Conversion
  8. 8. Healthy Nutritional Makeup
  9. 9. Consumers prefer a ground insect based flour or powder Market Research
  10. 10. Consumers willing to eat crickets in both sweet and savory form Market Research
  11. 11. Consumers are willing to pay for a delicious, nutritious food that contains insects Market Research ”Oh, This is divine" ~ Janet "This is really good! Where can I buy it?" ~ Leila "I would totally add this to my [energy] bar rotation!" ~ Greg
  12. 12. FDA OK
  13. 13. $40 Billion Market Sources: Mintel - Nutrition and Energy Bars, Packaged Facts - Kids Food & Beverage,, IBISWorld - Snack Food Production in the US
  14. 14. Entomophagy Startups!