Rainbow Grocery: Interactive Elements


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Suggestions and interactive elements for Rainbow Grocery to improve their online marketing strategy.

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Rainbow Grocery: Interactive Elements

  1. 1. Interactive Elements Nisha Menezes Online Marketing CMGT 555
  2. 2. Organic Health Food • Founded in San Francisco in 1975 • “Hippy collective” to country’s largest cooperative-owned grocery store • Commited to 100% organic and local produce, protecting the environment and being socially responsible
  3. 3. http://www.rainbowgrocery.tumblr.com• Content that is fun, engaging, easy to share & reblog• Tells a compelling story with pictures, videos and short links• The playful side of all things food!
  4. 4. http://rainbowgrocerycoop.wordpress.com/• Traditional style and serious undertones• Focus on creating awareness and educating users• Rainbow’s co-op owners share personal experiences• Voice issues around food, sustainable farming and environment protection
  5. 5. http://www.youtube.com/user/RainbowGroceryCoop• Video showcase of all Rainbow Grocery feature films• Creative content “Om Cooking Show – Organically Made”• Videos on organic recipes, organic farming, environmental sustenance
  6. 6. http://youtu.be/vmbaBP86zzk
  7. 7. • “OrganicVille”, facebook game app in collaboration with Zynga• Grow organic seeds, vegetables and fruits using organic farming techniques• Learn to compost and use biofuel to power farm vehicles• Redeem dollar purchases at Rainbow Grocery for Farm Cash & Coins