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Getting Fernando to Nanaimo

Yoda tours Nanaimo, looking for places Fernando will like, in the areas where Mabel wants to live.

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Getting Fernando to Nanaimo

  1. 1. Op ération: Benjo to Nanaimo Starring Yoda
  2. 2. Feathered greetings from the Big N.
  3. 3. Creeping past the sleeping birds, on a chippie run. French fries with his peeps. Morning shave.
  4. 4. Planning the itinerary. Must be careful not to hit the neighbours as they cross the street.
  5. 5. Heading down the Island Highway to find the 24 hour Burger King! (But um… does “DT” mean drive through? Doh.
  6. 6. But right in the neighborhood I’ve been looking at is… Cyber City! Mini golf and go carts! (No driv lisc required.)
  7. 7. But there may be a 24 hours restaurant in a motel near downtown! Will report back.
  8. 8. Down the street - a little old folks community. For our old agedness.
  9. 9. Bowen Park just down the road
  10. 10. swimming Lawn bowling Rose garden
  11. 12. Future dates? Gina’s Mexican Caf é Dogzilla chip shop! Curling club
  12. 13. Caf é! Pizza! MGM family resto!
  13. 14. NOT a future date. But good to know it’s there in case I die before you.
  14. 15. Colourful streets!
  15. 16. Cruising through the downtown…
  16. 21. The theatah The Port Theatre Currently playing: The National Ballet of Canada Coming Soon: The Puppetry of the Penis! Decidedly Jazz Danceworks The Empowered Patient Conference
  17. 23. And then the bus depot to get us home after.
  18. 24. Now to look at some homes & nabes
  19. 25. Trees trees trees
  20. 26. Janitorial store & Mental Health Center side by side 24 hours! …But just drive through
  21. 27. Heading back
  22. 31. Brief stop at my future store?
  23. 32. This Shopping Area also has: Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Winners, EB Games, and groceries. 1 bus from downtown. Also: This grocery store has no front wall! It’s open air, all year round.
  24. 34. And one of those stores that sells Infomercial products
  25. 35. Back home…
  26. 37. Journey 2
  27. 38. Colliery Dam Park Shhh! Car thief at work.
  28. 39. Swimmable water: Yoda checks for any stray X-Wings.
  29. 40. Listening to the forest.
  30. 41. “ Levitate, I can!”
  31. 42. But a pocket takes less energy.
  32. 43. I can has cheezburger? Hope that car thief is still on break. lolpol
  33. 44. Back into town.
  34. 45. The love boat! Love: It’s an friendly smile On an open shoooore!
  35. 46. Got $6 million for an island?
  36. 48. Departure Bay - ferry to Vancouver
  37. 50. Must be time to go home…