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Comm 101 Final presentation 5/7/2012


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Comm 101 Final presentation, final media buying plan

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Comm 101 Final presentation 5/7/2012

  1. 1. Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto Mirror May 7, 2012 Melissa Hafey Manivone Sundara
  2. 2. For our group project, we decided to develop a new accessory to an existing product. Our new accessory is a clip on vanity mirror for cars. The name of theproduct is Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto Mirror. Our target demographic is women, ages 25-45 years old. The two different advertising packages we will be usingare the digital billboard, on route I-84 east in Hartford, and also a 1/2 page color advertisement in Connecticut Magazine.
  3. 3. Our budget for this project is $15,000. We have decided to advertise by placing a half page color ad in Connecticut Magazine and putting up a digital billboard in Hartford on route I-84 east. We have chosen these avenues of advertisingbecause they have the highest amount of impressions in thirty days and they reach the demographic we are trying to reach well. Collectively, the number of impressions these types of advertising should generate, in thirty days, is about 740,000 people. Even better, we will be well within our budget with our total amount spent reaching only $14,210.
  4. 4. In the next three slides, you will see a sample of the half page magazine advertisement we designed.The name of the product would be placed at the top of the advertisement.All of the text in the those slides would be on one half of the allotted space, photos of the product would comprise the other half.
  5. 5. T beauty on the road with you! ake Ladies, do you drive an older vehicle? Does the visor in your vehicle have a lighted mirror, or any mirror at all?Ever wish you had the luxury of having a well lit area, in your car, to check your hair or do your makeup?There’s no reason you should sacrifice your wallet for added convenience while you travel! Look no further, Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto Mirror is the solution!
  6. 6. Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto Mirror Why is everyone talking about Pretty Woman Deluxe? Size : A mirror that lets you see it all! Pretty Woman Deluxe features a 5.5 inch by 4 inch mirror, and two ultra bright vanity lights! Our mirror charges conveniently in your car, no batteries and bulk! Easily shut your visor with our sleek design, only .75 inches thick!Block the sun out safely with a slide down shade design to cover the mirror as you drive!
  7. 7. Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto Mirror Affordable luxury never looked so good! Pretty Woman Deluxe looks like an accessory that belongs!Choose from five colors to match your vehicle: midnight black, royalty red, glamour grey, and tantalizing tan.Your vehicle can have a feature of a model years younger for only $14.99!
  8. 8. The following slide is a general idea of what the layout of our billboard wouldlook like. The picture was borrowed from Custom Accessory’s Deluxe Lighted Vanity Mirror, on background and text color would be similar and so would the placementof the product. The color scheme would be designed to appeal to our target audience of females ages 25-45 years old.
  9. 9. Pretty Woman Deluxe Auto MirrorT beauty on the road with you, with a mirror that lets you see it all! ake Affordable luxury never looked so good!
  10. 10. Thanks for watching!!!