Waste Revision


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Waste Revision

  1. 1. The amount of household waste collected in St Albans averages 600 to 700 tonnes per week, at Christmas and New Year this rises to From September 2008, 900 tonnes. This is a very large amount for the the district council council to deal with so they are now changed from a refuse encouraging residents to categorise their sack collection to a twin waste and to encourage recycling. This is to try bin service. The twin and meet targets set by the government about bin service consists of how much rubbish can be dumped in landfill one wheelie bin for and how much waste should be recycled. landfill waste, one wheelie bin for green waste and recycling boxes.
  2. 2. Green waste is collected in the wheelie bin plus Landfill waste including plastic plastic and glass is collected in one recycling box packaging and other non and newspaper and magazines are collected in recyclable waste is collected in another. the second wheelie bin.