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Money Around the World


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Money Around the World

  1. 1. Money around the world By Will, Sean, Lucas and Kritheek
  2. 2. United states In the USA, the currency is the US dollars and it is about 94 cents in 1 Australian dollar.
  3. 3. United Kingdom (UK) The money in the UK is different to the money in Australia. The money they use is pounds. It is about 59 cents in one Australian dollar.
  4. 4. Indonesia In Indonesia the currency is an Indonesian rupiah. 1 Australian dollar is 10,505 Indonesian rupiahs. 1 Indonesian rupiah is 0.000095 Australian dollars.
  5. 5. New Zealand In New Zealand the currency is in New Zealand dollars. 1 Australian dollar is 1.1367 ($0.01) New Zealand dollars. 1 New Zealand dollar is 0.8797 Australian dollars.
  6. 6. India In India the currency is in Indian rupees. 1 Australian dollar is 58.4571 ($0.58) Indian rupees. 1 Indian rupee is 0.0171 Australian dollars.
  7. 7. Italy The money they use in Italy is euros. It is about 70 cents in the Australian dollar.
  8. 8. Korea In Korea they use Wons. 1 Australian dollar is about 1017 Wons.
  9. 9. In the Philippines the currency is in Philippines Philippines pesos. 1 Australian dollar is 41.1395 ($0.41) Philippine pesos. 1 Philippine peso is 0.0243 Australian dollars.
  10. 10. Belgium In Belgium they use euros as well, it is about 70 cents to the Australian dollar.
  11. 11. Netherlands The money they use in the Netherlands is Dutch Guilder and Euros. It is about 1.70383 Dutch Guilders in one Australian dollar.
  12. 12. Germany In Germany they use Euros. It is about 70 cents in the Australian dollar.
  13. 13. Vietnam In Vietnam they have the Vietnamese Dong and the Australian dollar is worth about 20,104 Dong
  14. 14. Singapore In Singapore they use Singapore Dollars. It is about 1.18248 to the Australian Dollar
  15. 15. In South Africa they use South African Rand. It is about 9 cents South Africa in the Australian dollar.
  16. 16. Colombia In Colombia they use Colombian Peso it is about 1,795 in 1 Australian dollar.
  17. 17. Brunei Darussalam In Brunei Darussalam the currency is in Brunei dollars. 1 Australian dollar is 1.1690 ($0.01) Brunei dollars. 1 Brunei dollar is 0.8554 Australian dollars.
  18. 18. Hong Kong In Hong Kong the currency is in Hong Kong dollars. 1 Australian dollar is 7.3951 ($0.07) Hong Kong dollar. 1 Hong Kong dollar is 0.1352 Australian dollar.
  19. 19. Nigeria In Nigeria the money they use is Nigerian Naira. It is about 152 in the Australian dollar.
  20. 20. United Arab Emirates In the United Arab Emirates they use Emirati Dirham. That is about 3 and a half cents to the Australian dollar.