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Etp process overview v3


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Etp process overview v3

  1. 1. ETP Project Development Process Client Pre- Post-Consultation Production Publication Production Production Initial Project Content Video Delivery/Distrib QA Review Meeting Development Production ution Video Rollout/ Concept Production Post- Testing Implementatio Development Timeline Production n Project Web Hosting & Blueprint Finalize Project Manager Production Maintenance Design Marketing GUIs/Look & Final Approval Project Closing Development Feel Instructional Review & Design/ Specs Revisions Video Pre-Production11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 1
  2. 2. ETP Project Process Client Consultation Actions Tools Documents Resources Initial Project Meeting • ETP Website • Client Proposal • Ways to Approach Establish budget, timeline, • Client Intake Form Demos proposal, point person, • Examples Demo approvals Concept Development • Client Web • Project Summary • Client Decisions • Discuss project possibilities • Email • Client Consultation • Determine project scope • ETP Project • Assign a project manager Considerations • Video Production - clients Project Manager • Deepspace & • Project Update • PDOP Manual Conduct further concept Store • Client Sign-Off • ETP Logins development: • Firebutt Sheet •Define project goals • IM • Project Checklist •Research & development • Timecard •Feasibility study •Analysis related to technical needs and specifications11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 2
  3. 3. ETP Project Process Pre-Production Actions Documents Resources Production Timeline Production Timeline Sample Timelines Create production timeline Content Development Source Documents Copyright Protection Packet Gather, organize, and synthesize content Establish domain name Blueprint Blueprint • Blueprinting Develop blueprint based on content, • Sample Blueprints project needs and scope Design Look and Feel & GUIs GUI Layout(s) • Sample Design Team Hold design team meetings and get Meeting approval on design • GUI Design Considerations (Prototyping when needed) Instructional Design • Specs • Style Manual Develop production specifications • Specs Checklist • Directions • Sample Specs Video Pre-production • Release Forms • PDOP Manual Plan filming needs: • Video Site Packet • Talent Database •Cast & Scheduling • Pre-shoot communication •Location & Travel Arrangements • Sample Scripts •Observations & Site Visits •Storyboarding & Scripts •Props & Equipment11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 3
  4. 4. ETP Project Process Production Actions Tools Documents Resources Video Production • Store • Scripts • PDOP Manual Conduct shoots: On Location & Studio Video Post-Production • Client Web • Video Sign-Off • Client Web Directions Produce video content Sheet • Sample Thank Yous • CD Thank You Letter Web Production • Deepspace & • Blueprint Develop project Store • Specs •Integrate programming •System checks Marketing Development • Sample brochures, Create promotional products fliers Review & Revisions • Specs • Sample change docs Conduct review of project • Change Docs •Make change doc and check changes11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 4
  5. 5. ETP Project Process Post-Production Actions Documents Resources Quality Assurance • QA Review Checklist • ETP Testing Phases Conduct QA • Sample Testing Documents •Include copyediting changes • User Feedback Samples Testing • Testing Plan Implement testing plan • Test Documents (or •Seek feedback user feedback tools) •Analyze and summarize testing results •Make change doc based on feedback Finalize Video and Web • Change doc Make final round of changes •Final QA system check (technical – Web) •Final QA project check (navigation, links, functionalities) •Confirm changes before seeking client approval Final Approval • Client Sign-off Sheet Get client approval in writing before project delivery11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 5
  6. 6. QA Review Process Recommended & Optional Post-Production Production QA Review Testing Finalization Publication Feedback Collected Specs Produced Recommendations & Analyzed Changes Made QA Check PM Review Site Copyedit Client Input PM Review Change Doc Change Doc Change Doc Change Doc Final Approval PM Review11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 6
  7. 7. ETP Project Process Publication Actions Documents Resources Delivery/Distribution Place project online or distribute CDs & DVDs Final project check after publication •Web: navigation, links, functionalities •Video DVDs: test videos Deliver marketing materials: packaging, brochures, fliers, video spots Rollout/Implementation • Sample User Support Carry out implementation plan Develop user support materials Hosting and Maintenance • Tom’s Troubleshoot Establish user administration Questions Create ETP login Add to routine checks Provide ongoing support Project Closing • Closing Letter • Project Binders Communicate accomplishments and extend • Archive Items Checklist invitation for future collaboration11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 7
  8. 8. ETP Project Process Culture Topics Ongoing Issues Breakfast Building Relationships Monday Meetings Communication Thursday Lunches Client Management Timecard Recordkeeping Project Management Workday Naming Projects & Naming Conventions Team Values Media Management Roles Back Up Financials Storage and Servers Consultants Equipment and Supplies Think Tank Bottlenecks and Ball Dropping Flexibility Production Windows and Turn Around Deadlines Teamwork Covering Salaries Teambuilding Marketing The Vault LRET Meetings The Company Line Red Tape, Personalities, Politics The Water Cooler11/30/11 ETP Project Process v4 8