Louis's WWIAPT Summative


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Louis's WWIAPT Summative

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Louis's WWIAPT Summative

  1. 1. WWAIPT SUMMATIVE CITIES CHANGE IN A RESPONSE TO A VARIETY OF INFLUENCES By Louis 4K Beijing Today Beijing 200 years ago Tuesday, October 15, 13
  2. 2. GUIDE PAGE • Page 3. Air Quality • Page 4. Sports Facilities • Page 5. Hutong Destruction • Page 6. Status Symbol • Page 7.Foreign Companies • Page 7. Foreign Companies • Page 8. Population Tuesday, October 15, 13
  3. 3. The air quality has got much worse over the past few years. The last t h in g to do on a Pollu tio Because.... n day Tuesday, October 15, 13 is sm oke Beijing’s urban population has grown and people have had high demand for cars cause of status symbol and getting to other places faster. There has also been high demand for adidas shoes or iPhones and because of that many factories have been manufacturing all of these different items and the factories spew out pollution same with big trucks and some cars. Every few years the pollution is getting worse and worse for example 10 years ago Beijing was beautiful most of the time but now we can’t see much blue sky days during the winter. Also one of the reasons the pollution is getting worse is because Deng Xiaoping opened doors to foreign companies and because of that a lot of manufacturing has started. I think this is a bad change because some people think Beijing is the most tobacco consuming country and it has some of the worst pollution in the world.
  4. 4. Beijing has built many new sports facilities for example The Birds Nest and the Water Cube have been some. The Birds Nest is Beautiful at Night! Because.... The Wa ter Cub Fun e bein and T Fact: g bu he B ilt th irds e sa Nes t me yea both s r tar t ed Tuesday, October 15, 13 In 2008 Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics in the very birds nest. They built the birds nest because they needed to look like a Olympic city so the birds nest was built and it was used for the 2008 Olympics but after that there wasn’t much to do with it unless you count observing the architecture and the design of it. The Water Cube has been a Beijing it took quiet a long time to build it started being constructed in December 24, 2003 and the Birds nest was starting to be constructed in 2003. Both of them opened in 2008 so in some way the Water Cube and the Birds nest are brothers. These changes are good I think because they architects can come here and look at the designs and be inspired to make amazing designs like these ones.
  5. 5. Beijing used to have many cultural buildings but now they are being teared down to be replaced by office buildings and apartments buildings es Mil Tuesday, October 15, 13 Because.... of yed tro es ed ar ngs o hut ear yy r eve Beijing has had massive population increase because of education, jobs, higher wages etc. and because of that most people wont move into hutongs and move into apartments instead because of maybe culture shock or they think apartments are better. Also you don’t see many offices in old hutongs buildings so they wipe out hutongs and replace them with apartments or offices. Also some people think Beijing needs to be a modern city so they want to tear down hutongs. Then they give money to the people to live in the city which is not enough money to buy a apartment in the city. I think this is a bad change cause the money the government gives to the people isn’t enough to live in the city so they will be homeless. They could move to Shunyi but the house’s at Shunyi are also expensive.
  6. 6. hin org b Lam More people want a status symbol in Beijing i lar Gal re ’s a do !!! .1¥ 224 65, 1,5 Because.... d in ene the op tore ause of ts rges n bec ’s la u idas Sanlint ympics d g A in Ol eij B Tuesday, October 15, 13 Starbucks Coffee is one of the most bought coffee brands in Beijing Beijing opened their doors to foreign companies and because of that people have a higher chance of getting a status symbol for example you can be drinking star buck's coffee and driving a Lamborghini Gallardo (PRETTY EXPENSIVE 256,300 US DOLLARS) and many people will stand there and their mouth will be wide open and they will be amazed of the person’s status symbol. I think status symbol’s are good because it shows that people are now making more money and they can afford cars and food.
  7. 7. Deng Xiaoping Opened the doors to foreign business’s around the 1970’s and Deng Xiaoping opened Beijing’s doors to foreign companies as in g h Beij Tuesday, October 15, 13 17 y lin bwa su es! Because.... very quickly Toyota, Starbucks and many more companies came to Beijing and started work there soon enough so many job opportunities opened up so many people moved to Beijing for those jobs and people started to make huge amounts of money like lawyers, investors and many others did to. I think this was a good change cause many people got jobs and soon Beijing started looking like a international city the good thing about a international city is that there is a variety of people from different countries so you can connect to different cultures and make friends from different countries.
  8. 8. Beijing is one of the most crowded cities in the world! Because.... High population increase in Beijing and many migrant workers. are ar s y 0c a 100 ver yd ly ate ijing e xim Be pro p A Tuesday, October 15, 13 in ade m Many of the people coming to Beijing are foreigners and migrant workers. Mostly its because of higher wages or educational reasons like going to Qing Hua University or maybe for children education. Beijing has had many job opportunities after Deng Xiaoping opened doors to foreign companies. Since then many people have come to Beijing to work as Diplomats, Lawyers etc. They are making very higher wages than people made in Beijing before. I think this is a good and bad change. I think its bad because many people when they come to Beijing need a car for getting to other places but then they need to manufacture more and more cars. It is also good because Beijing is becoming a international city so there will be a variety of people and friends to have.