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Beauty in the Suburbs


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A Year 8 Visual Arts Unit of work that asks the students to look at the world around them... and beyond!

Published in: Education
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Beauty in the Suburbs

  1. 1. Where can beauty be found in the Suburbs?
  2. 2. DISCOVERExplore the Suburbs around you. Think about where you live and where you go to School.Investigate the different types of FACADES/Buildings/objects/streets.Identify the characters and people.Analyse different artists perspectives.Connect with people from other Suburbs that are different to your own.CREATEDesign a postcard to send overseas. How will you represent YOUR Suburb?Think of a metaphor that illustrates what can be found in the Suburbs.Construct a relief sculpture using signs and symbols to represent this metaphor.Make a video documentary that explains how different artists represent the Suburbs.SHARESend the Postcard to your penpal from Australia or Overseas.Talk to them on Edmodo and Skype to compare your ideas about the Suburbs around you.Upload the Video and share online to educate other students about different artists perspectives.