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What's In The Lunchbox

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What's In The Lunchbox

  1. 1. Exploring the California MISSIONS What's in the Lunchbox?
  2. 2. In order to find out about people from the past...
  3. 3. historians look at their stuff
  4. 4. Imagine you found...
  5. 5. a lunchbox
  6. 6. Tofu salad (unopened)
  7. 7. Snickers wrapper
  8. 8. Half an apple
  9. 9. Bottle of chocolate milk (empty)
  10. 10. What would these items tell you about the owner?
  11. 11. ? + Snickers wrapper Tofu salad (unopened) + Half an apple Bottle of chocolate milk (empty)+
  12. 12. The Huntington is rich in primary sources. Please extend your explorations by exploring our website or visiting The Huntington soon.