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About The Huntington

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About The Huntington

  1. 1. Exploring the California MISSIONS About The Huntington
  2. 2. What is The Huntington?
  3. 3. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California was once home to Henry and Arabella Huntington.
  4. 4. Henry Huntington was a very successful businessman that made his fortune mainly in railroads.
  5. 5. Together, Henry and Arabella collected huge numbers of books and art, as well as all sorts of beautiful plants from all over the world.
  6. 6. In 1919, the Huntingtons decided to share their collection with the world.
  7. 7. When you visit us, you can see some of these special things.
  8. 8. The staff at The Huntington do many things.
  9. 9. They tend the gardens, give tours, and take care of the books and other rare and valuable things.
  10. 10. Here’s what some of them do!
  11. 11. Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  12. 12. I am really lucky. Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  13. 13. Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler My friends think I’m a historian, but in reality I’m a time traveler.
  14. 14. I get to spend my days at The Huntington searching for clues about how people lived in the past. Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  15. 15. Sometimes that means reading old books... Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  16. 16. but it usually means reading letters and diaries from a time when people did all their writing by HAND on PAPER with a FEATHER PEN! Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  17. 17. Imagine that! Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  18. 18. To me The Huntington is my own personal time- traveling machine! Steve Hackel Historian/Time Traveler
  19. 19. Guy Fish Museum Educator
  20. 20. Guy Fish Museum Educator Did you know that museums, like schools, have teachers that educate visitors about their collections?
  21. 21. Guy Fish Museum Educator As you may have learned from visiting this website, objects have stories to tell.
  22. 22. Guy Fish Museum Educator The fun part for us educators is creating the stories that make these objects really come alive!
  23. 23. Guy Fish Museum Educator My goal is always to make learning fun.
  24. 24. Guy Fish Museum Educator If you enjoy learning new things and helping others learn, then maybe this job is for you!
  25. 25. Holly Moore Conservator
  26. 26. Holly Moore Conservator Conservators at The Huntington have the responsibility of restoring, or fixing, the things we have collected...
  27. 27. Holly Moore Conservator like old books, letters, maps, and drawings.
  28. 28. Holly Moore Conservator Some of these things are super old, and might have been torn or otherwise crumpled up over the years.
  29. 29. Holly Moore Conservator I work in a big laboratory with other conservators.
  30. 30. Together we take care of and repair the things we collect so they will last for many years.
  31. 31. Holly Moore Conservator The Huntington shows some of these things in galleries, where they are enjoyed by everyone who visits.
  32. 32. The Huntington is rich in primary sources. Please extend your explorations by exploring our website or visiting The Huntington soon.

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