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  1. 1. Serpentine
  2. 2. • I visited the Serpentine museum on Wednesday 7th September 2016. I visited both the serpentine buildings.This was my first time visiting this museum therefore I wasn't quite sure what to expect ! Walking around the two buildings I did not gain a great deal of inspiration in relation to my current project , however , i really enjoyed the architecture section to this museum as i felt these structures could really relate to my project .I then did a few sketches in relation to this .I captured a few photographs of various paintings, sculptures and drawings within the museum as I felt they may come to use for future projects.Overall , I feel this visit was not very useful for my current project however it was very nice to visit something new and appreciate artist works.
  3. 3. • I was immediately attracted to the architecture section of the museum .This was my favourite sculpture out of the three as this allowed me to take my ideas further for my “tie the knot” project . I was greatly inspired by the connection of different sized loops connecting to form 3D spherical cubes .
  4. 4. Evaluation • Overall , I enjoyed my visit to the Serpentine museum as I was able to explore different types of art which I found quite refreshing :) I would visit this museum again in the future in general and for future projects as I feel the artist work will really play its role in inspiring me for future garment creation and production.