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First day


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First day

  1. 1. First Day at Ravensbourne
  2. 2. On the first day of term , we were given our brief , structure and attachment , and were left to our own devices to find inspiration around the building ! I was immediately drawn towards the stairs of the building , the attachment of each metal rail. I had taken several photographs and did a few rough sketches using different medians . I feel I will continue to develop the idea of this form of attachment throughout my project .
  3. 3. The windows on the building were the most attractive part of the building for me . I have done a few sketches to allow me to work with the shapes and shapes inside of the window a bit more.Whilst drawing the things I could see out of the window , the o2 arena had interested me in particular. I then produced some detail sketches on the views i admired the most.
  4. 4. o2 Arena I really enjoyed sketching the o2 arena as I was able to get a better feeling of drawing 3d structure.I was inspired by the way the wires overlap and connect , i feel this relates to my chosen theme.