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Tie the Knot

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  1. 1. FINAL PIECE Structure and Attachment -Tie the Knot
  2. 2. ➤ For my final piece , I made a crop top out of satin .I decided to use only one tone of red in this piece .My theme for the structure and attachment project was based around the structure of a relationship until they “tie the knot”.I have made a choker to compliment my piece , this was made using rope.Based on my development , I wanted to produce a piece that had portrayed love in a relationship.I have used the rope to form roses on my choker,then added small heart diamonds into the centre of each rose.I was very pleased with my jewellery piece as the rope formation portrayed roses clearly and the choker overall was neatly put together. ➤ I have used a sheer piece of material to act as a veil for my final shoot.As I was researching into marriage , I had noticed the colour red as well as the use of a veil was used in many cultures.I also noticed the veil was used in many different ways.Taking this research , I had developed this to incorporate them into different looks. ➤ Overall I was very happy with the outcome of my final piece because it turned out exactly how I visioned it ! It was very neat and looked good in photographs to !I do not think I would change anything about my final piece as it turned out perfectly .I am not a strong sewer therefore was even happier when my piece had turned out so good!I will keep practicing to sew to improve my skills for future basis.