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Yr 11 collections graphical artist 2012


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Yr 11 collections graphical artist 2012

  1. 1. Yr 11GCSE ART AND DESIGN‘COLLECTIONS’ Project Continued… Incorporating a Graphical Element into the Collections Project
  2. 2. Task• Your task is to incorporate a graphical way of working into this project.• This work is to be based on the Artists Michael Craig Martin, Patrick Caulfield, Julian Opi or Andy Warhol.• This week create at least a double page on your chosen Artist this should include information, opinions, good quality images of the Artists work and at least one transcription.
  3. 3. Michael Craig MartinMartin is particularlyaffected byminimalism and usesordinary householditems to create quirkycompositions.He uses a range ofbold vivid colourschemes inunexpected ways.
  4. 4. ‘Biding Time’ (Magenta) 2004acrylic on aluminium panel, 96” x72”
  5. 5. ‘Intimate Relations,Handcuffs’, 2001,Screenprint, 97cm x81cm
  6. 6. ‘Inhale’, 2002, acrylic on canvas, 243.8 x 182.8cm
  7. 7. ‘IntimateRelations:Sunglasses,’2001,
  8. 8. Patrick Caulfield Caulfields paintings are figurative, often portraying a few simple objects in an interior. Typically, he uses flat areas of simple colour surrounded by black outlines.
  9. 9. ‘After Lunch’, 1975
  10. 10. ‘Still LifeIngredients’,1976
  11. 11. ‘Wine Glasses’ Screenprint on paper 1969(above)‘Sun lounge’ acrylic on canvas (to the right)
  12. 12. Julian OpiDrawing from influences as diverse as billboard signs, classical portraiture andsculpture, to classical Japanese woodblock prints, Opie paints using a variety of mediaand technologies which enable him to make three-dimensional explorations of hissubjects.
  13. 13. ‘Still Life with Bananas and Aubergines’ 2001
  14. 14. Andy WarholAndy Warhol first used theIconic image ofconsumerism in 1960’swith his painting of a‘Campbells soup can’.The painting used boldtechniques fromcommercial design andused a stencil to help himachieve bright, flat coloursand clean lines. Hecontinued to look atpackaging and even madesculptures based oneveryday items you wouldfind in a supermarket.
  15. 15. Marilyn Diptych 1962