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Year ten Colour Theory


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Year ten Colour Theory

  1. 1. The Colour Theory The Colour Theory is important to understand when creating your own Art work and analysing other’s work. Your task is to create a double page about the Colour Theory in an original and well presented way. Be creative… think about how you can make your Colour Wheel original. Here are a few ideas. More ideas are on the Beaumont Pinterest ‘Colour’ Album
  2. 2. What you need to complete Complete at least two double page in your sketchbook on the Colour Theory. This must include the following…. (feel free to add extra however) 1.A Colour Wheel (be creative): Complete by Monday 9th January 2.What Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours are 3.What Complementary Colours are with Artist examples 4.What Cool and Warm Colours are with Artist examples Use the ‘Colour Theory Information’ PTT to help with Artists and facts to add to your sketchbook All DUE: Monday 16th December 2013