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Colour Theory information


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Colour Theory information

  1. 1. The Colour Wheel
  2. 2. Primary Colours
  3. 3. Primary Colours
  4. 4. Primary Colours •Cannot be made from any other colours •All other colours are made from these •Equal distance from each other on colour wheel
  5. 5. Secondary Colours
  6. 6. Secondary Colours
  7. 7. Secondary Colours •Made by mixing equal amounts of 2 primary colours •Found halfway between the primary colours on the wheel
  8. 8. Tertiary Colours Made by mixing equal amounts of adjoining primary and secondary colours.
  9. 9. The whole colour wheel
  10. 10. Complementary Colours This colour scheme uses opposite colours on the colour wheel. These colours have great contrast.
  11. 11. Complementary colours used by Van Gogh BLUE + ORANGE
  12. 12. Complementary colours used by Monet RED + GREEN
  13. 13. Colour Moods Cool colours: Marc Rothko is a good Artist to look at when researching colour Moods. Warm colours: Mark Rothko. No. 15, Dark Greens on Blue with Green Band, 1957. Oil on canvas Mark Rothko. Untitled, 1968