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As sculpture unit


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Published in: Art & Photos, Education
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As sculpture unit

  1. 1. Sculpture There are lots of types of sculpture and different techniques you can use. Over the next month you are going to explore and experiment with techniques and create a large scale sculpture Michael Speller: Presence I
  2. 2. Continuous self portrait Create a large continuous portrait
  3. 3. Darko Taleski Pen and Ink, 2011, Drawing "Portrait11"
  4. 4. Ink self portrait Experiment with different brushes and ink to create a large scale expressive self portrait
  5. 5. Expressive face photographs The many faces of Eva Green, photographed by Satoshi Saikusa - EXPRESSIONS
  6. 6. Artists Vincent Vergone Kathleen Girdler Engler
  7. 7. Michael Speller Jan Abt
  8. 8. This week and over Christmas…… 1. 2. 3. 4. A continuous portrait drawing An ink portrait drawing An A1 board of photos of expressive faces A Sculpture Artist research board or sketchbook page (look at ‘Head Sculpture’ board on pinterest) EXTRA: Go to Exhibitions and create sketchbook pages Beaumont Pinterest: Beaumont Blog: Deadline: 6 and 7 January th th
  9. 9. Students Sculpture examples