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A2 personal study artist boards


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  • This is a great guide! It is well written and easy to follow. It tells you what you should do on the very first day of revision right up until the day before the exam. I recommend anyone that's taking their GCSE maths to get their hands on this valuable guide! It showed me exactly where I was going wrong. I was one of those students who was making this 'silly mistake' repeatedly, and not knowing that I was making it. No wonder I failed my GCSE maths first time... Once I addressed this mistake, I scored 90% in my GCSE maths exam... ●●●
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A2 personal study artist boards

  1. 1. Unit 3: Personal Study
  2. 2. You are going to choose your own topic The purpose of your Personal Study is to teach you something: to help you develop as an artist and to strengthen your understanding of art-related issues. You will be creating Art work around your chosen topic as well as an essay. The most successful Personal Studies communicate ‘a strong sense of involvement through personal enthusiasm and a commitment to sustain the investigation’. So basically make sure you choose a topic you are interested in.
  3. 3. Your first task is to decide what you want your topic to be. It can be fairly broad to begin with. It would be useful if you could create a nicely presented visual mood board/spider diagram. This can be created on A2 card. Task One You will be creating artist boards. If you would like to do this on a mount board you MUST bring in £1 next week
  4. 4. You should already have a Pinterest account. If not make sure you create one this week and begin to follow Beaumont Art Pinterest. Create an album of ideas for your Personal Study. This is going to be extremely useful for helping you with creative ideas and finding original, relevant artists for your chosen topic.
  5. 5. Task Two You should have now decided on your topic. Your next task is find an artist that is relevant to your topic and create an artist board on this artist. This should include good quality transcriptions, facts, information and good quality images.
  6. 6. Task Three Create at least two more artist boards for your topic. This will begin to give you important marks for Artist research and should also help you explore the possibilities of your chosen topic.