Panama Maryam And Sophie


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Panama Maryam And Sophie

  1. 1. Panama ! By Sophie Lawson and Maryam Rashid 1P6 Miss Dunlop
  2. 2. Location !    Panama is located here on the map.
  3. 3. Tourist Attractions Some tourist attractions in Panama are The Panama Canal, El Carmen Church and Restaurante la Novena.
  4. 4. Panama Canal The Panama Canal is a 77km ship canal which joins the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean. It is an essential for international trading. It was completed on the 15 th of August 1914.
  5. 5. El Carmen Church The El Carmen Church is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Panama. It is a Catholic Church on Via Espania. The El Carmen Church was built using cement discarded by the Allies in Europe in World War 2. .
  6. 6. Restaurante La Novena Restaurante La Novena is a vegetarian restaurant in Panama. They serve all types of food. Two of the mains are: Vegetarian Lasagne, Sweet red pepper stuffed with mushroom in cream sauce with brown rice. As you can see, lots of effort goes into these dishes and this is quite a popular restaurant.
  7. 7. It is evident from the history of panama that the native people of Panama lived amongst themselves for many years until the Spanish explorers discovered Panama the 16 th Century. The Spanish culture and traditions mixed with the Panamanians native way of life to create the culture we see today. Castilla de Oro Panama culture!!
  8. 8. Food Panama is famous for their seafood because they have sea at either sides of the country. The types of seafood that panama serve are Shrimps Carvina (a white fish from the Pacific).
  9. 9. National Anthem!!
  10. 10. Wildlife Panama is home to 218 mammal species, 226 species of reptiles, 164 amphibian species and 125 animal species found nowhere else in the world. Here are some of the animals found in Panama. This is a Poison Dart frog which is common in Panama but they're best left alone in the forest where they thrive. This a Yellow-headed parrot . They are popular pets and excellent talkers. They are also endangered. This is a Montauk monster which was found in Panama, washed up on a beach last Summer.
  11. 11. Goverment
  12. 12. Currency The Panamanians use the U.S dollar, the Panamanian Balboa and the Centesimo. The Panamanian Balboa (B) =100 Centesimos. The official paper currency is the U.S dollar, which is accepted everywhere.
  13. 13. Quick facts <ul><li>The Panamanian national Language is Spanish. </li></ul><ul><li>The capital city is called Panama city. </li></ul><ul><li>The area is 75,517 km squared. </li></ul>The population is 2,839,178. Their motto is “Pro Mundi Beneficio” which means “For the benefit of the world”.
  14. 14. Palindrome The world’s most famous palindrome is about Panama. It is A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.
  15. 15. Weird and interesting facts There is a traditional Panama hat. The hat was made in Ecuador. In Panama, you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in the same day. It is a tropical country with lots of mountains and rainforests. Panama has the biggest variety of birds in the world. There are more than 300 different varieties.
  16. 16. Quiz <ul><li>What’s the capital of Panama ??? </li></ul><ul><li>a) Panama land b) Panama central or </li></ul><ul><li>c) Panama city </li></ul>What is the population of Panama ???? a) Over 2 million b) under 500,000 c) Over 5 million The answer is Panama city The answer is over 2 million
  17. 17. Festivals- The carnival The main festival in Panama is the “Carnival”. It is celebrated in the 4 days leading up to Ash Wednesday. It is characterized by it’s music, dancing, parades, fireworks and drinking.
  18. 18. Thanks for listening We hope you learned lots about..... PANAMA !!!!!