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Independent label research


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Independent label research

  1. 1. Type of Company and Name: Aardvark Record Label Location: Cornwall based in United Kingdom Researching the Music Industry-Macro Organisations- A01 Target Audience: The audience of Aardvark are mainly young white females and males between the ages of 20 and 29 which are mainly from an European ethnicity. Genre of products: The independent record label has a genre of Ambient, Breaks, Chill out, Down tempo, Commerical Dance, Drum & Bass, Electro, Euro, House, Psytrance, Techno, Techno trance, Trance. indie rock , Americana , alt country , dance music , electronica , adult contemporary and pop music . Examples of artists signed to the label: high profile of the artist/producers/remixers like EricM, Yahel and Jeff Alford. Distribution channel: Aardvark owns its own distribution channel. Aardvark Records gained recognition by quickly up taking new music distribution techniques as they arrived, such as podcasting , internet radio , providing music videos to online streaming websites ( YouTube , Google Video ), providing full tracks on social networking sites and blogging Marketing and Promotion: AARDVARK HAS GOT STREAMING MUSIC ON THEIR WEBSITE, They releases their artist music videos in podcasters, streaming audio pop music, rock music , indie rock, college rock, calssic rock, alternative rock 
soul music, celtic rock, psy rock and celtic punk from our artists. They have got the artist new released music videos Synergy with other companies: Aardvark company has synergized with Youtube, Twitter, MySpace, Reverb Nation, Google Video, Singingfool, ROO TV Bebo and Synergized with an international music channel which is known as PMC Target Audience Other media outlets are that the record label has a subsidiary with a larger company which is known as Aardvark Dance