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litracy Morning starters


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easy quick morning starters for year 1

Published in: Education
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litracy Morning starters

  1. 1. Morning starters Year 1
  2. 2. Describe the picture using all senses
  3. 3. Put these words into sentences Past Together Tall Song Dress Suit Lion constantly
  4. 4. Pick ten words below that best describe the picture Magical noisy Boring ugly Pretty quiet Scary white Little beautiful Tall cool Wonderful amazing Eye catching old Small young
  5. 5. These words are mixed up write the words they are trying to spell out! Look at the pictures to help you Cta Gip Caot Glassse Huose Foor Puor
  6. 6. Practice these flicks and tales 5 times each!G Y L Z X P A M d
  7. 7. Copy these sentences but add adjectives The ______ cow was being milked My sister had _________ hair The ______sun is giving me sun burn It is a _________ cold day
  8. 8. Write the sounds in the words Cow Pool Cheek Shop leap
  9. 9. Make sentences for these power openers Quickly Slowly Happily Unfortunately Desperately Impatiently
  10. 10. Put capital letters in the words that need them Peter pan has where’s green London is where the queen lives America is a fun place Emma may has a lovely dress
  11. 11. Describe this picture using fantastic words!
  12. 12. Imagine you are the man in the picture write about what is happening in descriptive words
  13. 13. Use alliteration to describe a character from a book you have read!